CDA unlikely to achieve budget targets


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is unlikely to achieve the targets set for the fiscal year 2011-2012, due to which it has imposed ban on the launch of new projects, new recruitments and purchase of furniture for its various directorates.
“The finance wing of the CDA has sent a letter to all its directorates, preventing them from making any recruitment and buying new furniture in the current year. Similarly the CDA’s finance wing has verbally directed the heads of its various wings not to lunch new projects as the authority is facing financial crises,” said a senior official of the civic authority.
He said the CDA’s finance wing had announced its budget for 2011-2012 with a financial outlay of 23.99 billion which was 5.6 percent more than that of the last year with dummy figures and targets which is one of the main reasons for not achieving its targets. “Had the authority announced the budget with real figures, the current situation would not have occurred,” he said.
The official said the CDA finance wing had also set dummy targets which were unable to be achieved. The authority had set a target that it would generate Rs 13.25 billion through self-finance resources, including sale of land at Park Enclave, sale of plots at D/Enclave, disposal of plots and income of project management office”, he said.
He said that it had also been planned that the civic body would generate Rs 4.066 billion through the revenue department under property, water, toll, environment, municipal tax and other allied receipts. “The CDA will generate Rs 3 billion through municipal bonds. The unskilled staff of the CDA’s finance wing had prepared budget for the current without studying ground realities, he said.
The official said that the authority had allocated Rs 6.2 billion for the CDA’s engineering wing which was 52 percent of the total budget. “Rs 1984.70 million allocated for the estate management wing, RS 784.02 million allocated for planning and designing wing, Rs 800 million allocated for environment wing, Rs 200 million for the finance wing, Rs 250 million for the administration wing and Rs 1.834 billion for the CDA’S reserves.
He said special priority projects in the year 2011-2012 included development of Park Enclave worth Rs 584.70 million and upgradation of mini markets in G & I sectors costing Rs 300 million. The authority would also make efforts to solve the growing traffic problems, so the authority has allocated Rs 200 million for launching of Prime Minister’s CDA Rapid Bus Transit service, he said.
Elahi said that CDA has allocated Rs 150 million for provision of the health services and upgradation of CDA’s dispensaries, Rs 50 million for the project of anti litter and water conservation program and Rs 150 million for beautification of Islamabad. Similarly, Rs 100 million for rehabilitation of city center F-7, Rs 100 million for cleaning of nullahs, Rs 100 million for development sector I-15, Rs 100 for extension of Kuri Raod up to Simly Dam, Rs 50 million for Rainwater Harvesting and Rs 50 million for tourism, he said. Due to the growing financial crises, the CDA had not so far started work on majority of the proposed projects despite allocating funds for them, he added.