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On 30 September, I witnessed a discussion programme on a private TV channel and was really shocked to note the objectionable attitude of the PML(N) Senator Mushahidullah towards PIA spokesman Sultan Ahmed.

Senator Mushahidullah might have some genuine grievances with PIA. I am not here to defend PIA management but what I want to point out is that the senator, who himself was trade union leader in PIA in the past, still treats himself as a trade unionist, and not Senator as it was evident from his irresponsible behaviour.

The senator has every right to criticise PIA management but he has no right to portray one-sided picture to misguide public. His leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, chief of PML(N) has remained twice Prime Minister of Pakistan and what the PIA is facing now is a direct result of his wrong policies towards PIA which were introduced during his last tenure as Prime Minister.

Nonetheless, ex-army dictator General Musharraf’s government tremendously contributed to this. A letter of ex-MD, PIA Syed Mir Mohammad Shah has explained how PIA’s gigantic and effective own Reservation System was discarded and replaced with faulty system resulting in huge losses to PIA. (All this was done during the second tenure of Nawaz Sharif).

Please allow me to give you one example of looting PIA with booth hands when Nawaz Sharif’s personal friend Mumtaz Hameed was appointed as chairman PIA during his first tenure. Mr Hameed was personally fond of collecting fountain pens. He needed one particular brand of the pen for personal use that was not available in the country.

An Advertising Officer of our Public Affairs Department where I was working as PRO in those days was sent abroad to purchase the pen. I am sure the said fountain pen might cost huge amount in all as the said officer went for 10 days official tour for 4-5 countries in the Far East and his duty form was finally approved by the chairman himself.

I suggest that while criticising others, one should also see both sides of picture first in order to find out the truth.




  1. You obviously have some sort of vendetta against Mr. Hameed, or you are a remarkably gullible person who falls suspect to even the most ridiculous of rumors. I worked very closely with Mr. Hameed and he did not do anything that would raise eyebrows, especially send someone on a globe trotting trip around the world to fetch a pen! The last time PIA turned a profit was under the tenure of Mumtaz Hameed.

    I suggest before you start throwing around wild accusations you fact check your ridiculous thoughts.

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