Pakistanis in UAE raise Rs20m for flood victims


A group of at least 10 Senators led by Senate Chairman Farooq H. Naik took a whirlwind tour of the UAE early this week to collect donations for millions of people affected by heavy floods, especially in the Sindh province.
Pakistani expatriates, especially the United Forum, UAE, which comprises supporters of various Pakistani political parties, responded to the call and donated around Rs10 million (around Dh415,000), besides arranging an additional donation of Rs10 million at a function held in Dubai on Friday.
Dubai-based Pakistani Senator Abdul Nabi Bangash and Chaudhry Noorul Hasan Tanveer, president of the United Forum, spearheaded the campaign.
Former Ambassador at Large of Pakistan Javed Malek supported the event, besides hosting a separate dinner for the delegation. The participants at the event, especially the donors, urged the Senate Chairman Farooq H Naik to ensure transparency of the funds provided by the expatriate community because it is their hard-earned money given to their brothers in need back home.
On behalf of the government and the people of Pakistan, he also thanked the UAE leadership and the people of the UAE for their continued support of relief efforts for Pakistan’s flood victims.
Senator Gulam Nabi Bangash said the Pakistani community in the UAE always led from the front whenever there was any disaster in their country.”I am especially grateful to the members of the United Forum who generously donated for the noble cause,” he said.
Ambassador of Pakistan Jameel Ahmad Khan urged Pakistani expatriates and the international community to come forward and help Pakistan cope with the disaster as the country has already suffered due to the relentless war againsterrorism.


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