Condition of graveyards


The Christian’s graveyards are more organised and well-planned as compared to Muslim’s graveyards. Graveyards of Muslims are great evidence of lack of concern towards the basic needs and necessities of humans. There is little place to bury the dead bodies and if a place is there, the management is not present. I once got so much confused in finding the grave of my uncle as the graveyard was over-populated. There is no proper place to even walk in graveyards. The conditions of graves which are not seen by their relatives are getting worse day by day. Nobody takes responsibility to maintain them.

Moreover, the heavy rains of monsoon have also spoiled the condition of graveyards. There are no lights present there. At night, people can easily do illegal activities such as black magic, stealing of coffins and bones of decaying dead bodies. This is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.