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1,500 trainee constables have criminal record?

The Sindh Home Department and the office of the Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) have started an investigation into the politically motivated appointments of 1,500 under-training police constables with a criminal record, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to sources, majority of these trainees have been absent from their training schools, and no mandatory legal formalities were completed at the time of their appointment due to their political affiliations. Sources said among these politically-appointed constables, there are at least 107 most-wanted criminals involved in some 341 heinous crimes, including murder, attempted murder, robbery and possession of illegal weapons.
In a letter written to the authorities concerned, the police department said these trainees are a major threat to the peace of Karachi, and recommended taking action against their illegal appointments, the sources added. They said majority of these politically-motivated appointments as constables in the Sindh Police have been carried out without obtaining formal clearance from the police department and intelligence agencies. In this regard, they added, senior police authorities have prepared a list of 1,500 policemen that contains details of their criminal cases and other inconsistencies in their appointments.
Sources said the list has been prepared on behalf of the Karachi police’s Criminal Record Office (CRO), and another list has been attached to this report that contains the names of 1,400 appointed constables. The list also mentions political affiliation of the police constables inducted in the police department this year that includes over 1,500 constables belonging to a major political party, the sources added. They said according to the list, constable Abdul Ghaffar – who is under training only on paper at the Baldia Police Training School – is wanted by the police in 34 cases, including a murder case registered at the Nabi Bakhsh police station in 1991 and a case of possessing an illegal weapon registered at the Jamshed Quarters police station, and he has been an absconder for 20 years, but he succeeded in getting appointed in the police department due to his political affiliation.
Another trainee constable, Abdul Jabbar, is also wanted by the police for his involvement in 24 criminal cases, they added. Sources said these 1,500 trainees have not completed the mandatory legal formalities for getting appointed to the post of police constables.
The trainees must be cleared by the Sindh Police’s Special Branch and the Intelligence Bureau, the sources added. They said majority of these trainee constables have not been verified properly in their physical examination conducted at their respective town police offices. In the report, senior police officials have suggested that the names and records of trainee constables be verified from the CRO to ensure that only honest and devoted people are allowed to serve the citizens in future, they added.
It is pertinent to mention here that the Sindh High Court had issued a stay order on February 2 against the illegal appointments on a constitutional petition, but according to a report of the Sindh government, no appointments were made on political basis, which is why the court disposed of the petition.

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  1. ghafoor said:

    There is too much corruption in Pakistan (islamic country) as they call themselvelves. Right down to the Airport officials. Hundreds of Pakistanis are fleeing into South Africa etc. every week, by bribing airport officials. They dont even have visas to leave the country. The government of Pakistan ignores corruption.

  2. shah123 said:

    strong arm of the law and clear honest media teams required to expose this issue.

  3. Malik Ghulam Abbas said:

    Their appoinntment letters goes in party office without even once seeing them or verfication their character, now old lot is creating for ranger where ranger planns to raid they inform the criminal of the party as all these criminal belongs to diffrent parties

  4. Farooq Khan said:

    This is what our own govts do otgain stronghold on different depts and areas, and use these criminals when required.

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