US using Pakistan as scapegoat for Afghanistan failure: Musharraf


Former President Pervaiz Musharraf Sunday accused the United States of using Pakistan as a scapegoat for its failure in Afghanistan.
In an interview with a private news channel, Musharraf said that Pakistani forces should use whatever influence they have and tell the Haqqanis not to cross the border.
He also said that the US was responsible for controlling Haqqani activities on the Afghan side of the border.
Former US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee chairman Admiral Mike Mullen had caused a diplomatic storm by saying at a recent Senate hearing that the Haqqani network of terrorists was “a veritable arm” of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and that the Pakistani intelligence agency had directed the militant group’s recent attacks at US installations in Kabul.
Terming Mullen’s statement as irresponsible, Musharraf said that the blame game needs to stop, and that Pakistan and the US need to come onto the same page against their common enemy.
He said that the world needs to understand the standpoint of Pakistan, and unless the US stops violating Pakistani interests, there would be no more alliance between the two nations.
The former president stressed on the need to identify the peace-seeking Taliban and hold reconciliatory talks with them.
“Unfortunately, this selective process has been dubbed by the US as a sort of double game”, he added.


  1. I hope Allah will not forgive Musharaf,, Today he is telling Army to stop Haqqani's to cross the Border, it means he is accepting that Haqqani's are crossing the Border, this means he is still helping the point of view of Americans, Mushara's Blood cannot stream in his Body until he helps his lords (Americans), The Shameless person does not feel sorry, His heart is realy like FIROUN's heart, he is still swimming without thinking that what could happen to him in HEREAFTER. The Killer of innocent students please stop and go under ground, Please help people to forget your ugly and ugly face.

    • Very harsh comments. There are many who were hurt in his times, especially those whose young sons and daughter were killed in Lal Masjid. InshAllah one day their parents will come searching for the blood of their loved ones on his hands. One searches for an answer to the question. Will he ever face justice? May Allah have mercy on every one. Ameen.

  2. Look at the irony of history. Pakistan was a committed US ally in the war against Soviet Russia. Without Pakistan’s support, Mujahideen could not drive Russian forces leading to disintegration of Soviet Union, a goal the US wanted to achieve at all costs. Pakistan has always remained on the right side of the US during the cold war and paid dearly for that. With the changing scenario, it now finds itself in the woods after having earned American fury despite fighting US “war on terror” for 10 years. The loss of human lives alone of Pakistanis, branded as collateral damage, is 4000 military men and 35000 civilians. Such are the ways of international politics. India, despite having remained aloof, and largely unhurt, in the war or terror, is now preparing to take the reins of power after the endgame in Afghanistan. Read more at:

  3. This man has now suddenly become a wise man. For eight long years he ruled Pakistan with iron hand and left the country in miserable condition. Everybody knows what he did in Lal Masjid. Why he did not give chance to negotiate and vacate the Masjid in an amicable way. These so called leaders become wise when they are not in control. He had lot of opportunities to steer Pakistan in the right direction, but his chronies like Chaudries and MQM goondas blinded him.
    Now he wants to come back and finish his unfinished dirty work.

  4. he tarnished the brave pashtuns of pakistan everywhere in europe, he always said that every taliban is pashtun but every pashtun is nt taliban, he has no brain, look there are also punjabi taliban and every ethnic in taliban nt only pashtun, there are tajik,uzbek,farsi talibans as well.he has no brain and knowledge, he created ethnic voilence and wide gap between baloch and punjabi,as pakistani as a whole we must nt distinguish by race or coloure.

  5. but we must nt say that musharraf is responsible for all the job in pakistan.
    he was great at first years, he was seeking progress and devolpment.
    but pakistan as a state full of shity politicians, he could nt manage so,and the pressure from usa,that changed the foreign policy of pakistan.
    he was doing a lot of good works also but many bad as well.
    all pakistan would love him today if he would go on the same agenda by which he occupied the state,to remove corruption and bring justice and equalisation.

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