Sadequain’s work commemorated at Australian embassy


Australian High Commission in association with the Sadequain Foundation, California, and gallery6, Islamabad on Saturday night put on display a voluminous collection of calligraphic art, biographical notes and a book on the works of renowned artist Sadequain on embassy premises. This collection on display by the late Sadequain (Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi), one of the finest painters and calligraphers was the biggest ever of its kind in the federal capital, where the legendary artist was remembered at a reception hosted by the Australian high commissioner at his residence. Twenty high quality giclee prints of selected Sadequain works were displayed. Sadequain Foundation was founded and is run by his nephew Salman Ahmed, who also launched a book ‘Mystic Expressions by Sadequain’ on the occasion. “Sadequain displayed a commendable talent in all three distinctive traits in the arts and literature; he mastered the multiple disciplines as a painter, calligrapher and poet which is a unique combination,” said Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Tim George.
A mere look at one of his paintings or calligraphy pieces is enough to know that Sadequain gathered this praise not for nothing. “He was a super-human, a saint. He created a mural 175 feet long in 70 days during which time he hardly slept,” said Arjuman Faisal, one of Sadequain’s admirers who spent time with him. Even an ordinary person, not possessing a great taste for art, feels attracted to Sadequain’s paintings. His humility and sincerity with art reflects in his work. Sadequain’s paintings generate a pull. The reception was attended by many diplomats including the United States Ambassador Cameron Munter and his wife who could not refrain from appreciating Sadequain’s work on display. The Australian high commissioner while talking to this scribe said Sadequain had huge talent and he was delighted to host a reception in his honour.
“Through such events, which reflect our mutual strong historical interests in the arts, we aim to build stronger communities and stronger relationships between our two peoples. Australia has a long-standing friendship with Pakistan which continues to grow,” said George. People took great interest in the works of the legendary Pakistani artist and most of his paintings’ prints on display were sold on the occasion. Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi was born in 1930 in Amroha who grew up to be an internationally renowned legendary artist. He was best known for his independent creative art and unprecedented style in Islamic calligraphy. His original themes and huge murals dwarf many and some are still regarded as matchless in the world. His international recognition was due to the introduction of new initiatives and trends in art and particularly poetic calligraphy which was almost nonexistent then. He was a master genius of his own self-inspired school of thought and no different from other great artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.