US finds new friend in Uzbeks after Pakistan fallout


The past fortnight has seen relations between Pakistan and the US sink to new lows, making both counties scramble to build up alternative regional alliances. The crisis, the latest in a turbulent year, arose after the US alleged that the ISI was working with the Haqqani network to direct attacks on American targets in Afghanistan.
However, more than a third of supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan pass through Pakistan, giving Islamabad a strong bargaining position. According to a report in the Telegraph, a White House official said US President Barack Obama had discussed sending more supplies through the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan during a phone call with the country’s president, Islam Karimov. At the same time, Hillary Clinton met her Uzbek counterpart on Thursday, and Congress was considering legislative changes that would allow more military aid to the Central Asian despite its poor human rights record, the paper said.
“We value our relationship with Uzbekistan. They have been very helpful to us with respect to the Northern Distribution Network,” Clinton said. That route winds its way through Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia to Afghanistan and has already become more important in the past year as the US began switching supplies from Pakistan’s roads. But closer ties will anger human rights organisations which have protested proposed plans to send military aid to Uzbekistan for the first time since 2004, when funds were choked off as penalty for the country’s poor human rights record, the Telegraph said.
Twenty groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group, signed a letter of protest sent to Clinton before her meeting with Ganiev.


  1. The only leverage Pakistan enjoys is that almost one third of NATO supplies go through PAkistan and on the other hand it is exploiting US endlessly. Pakistan is misleading US in its war against terror. pakistan doesn't want terrror to end. It wants terror syndicate to change its ways so that it can act as its proxies in Afganistan and INdia. USA knew all along that Pakistan is playing a double game but played dummy to get whatever it can extract from these cheats. USA stopped trusting them but never made it public to avoid embarrassing Pakistan regime. Abbotabad incident veryu clearly established that USA does not trust Pakistan's army or ISI. But attack on its embassy USA lost its cool. What Pakistan's enemies used to say now Pakistan's friends were saying. Mullen was Pakistan's best friend and he tesitified beofre Senate's standing committee that Pakistan is playing double role. ONly time will tell what happens next.
    But USA for sure is looking to reduce its dependence on Pakistan. USA will suffer but Pakistan will suffer more.
    No wonder

  2. hahahah
    We know and we understand… As soon as USA has full access to Uzbek routes for sending in the supplies… time to directly strike Pakistan will be iminent.

    Someone correctly said recently that … it will be a better world without " them"

  3. Tajikistan wishes to Sell Pakistan Hydel Electricity to Pakistan but this is Opposed by Uzbeks Because of Water Dispute with Tajikistan. They Have Offered Alternatives to Pakistan. This Is Where Pakistan enjoys a Leverage with Uzbekistan also The Only Viable Access to Sea is Through Pakistan.Would The Uzbeks Want To Incur Pakistans Displeasure like This?

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