US allegations part of strategy aimed at destabilising Pakistan, says Fazl


The US is leveling allegations against Pakistan under a well-formulated strategy aimed at destabilising the country, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman said on Friday, asking the government to expedite efforts on the diplomatic front to get any possible US resolution against Pakistan in the UN vetoed by China and Russia.
Addressing a press conference, he said, “As the US has already announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan, it has prepared a strategy to destabilise Pakistan and the recent US allegations against Pakistan are part of the same strategy. Pakistan should expedite its efforts to convince China and Russia so that they veto any possible US resolution against Pakistan in the UN.”
Fazl said there was a possibility that the US brought a resolution in the UN against Pakistan’s nuclear programme or aimed at getting it declared a terrorist country.
He said on one hand the US going was for dialogue with Taliban and on the other it was pressurizing Pakistan to launch a military operation in North Waziristan, adding that the US could play more cards against Pakistan.
“The US, at any time, can raise the issue of Quetta Shura,” he warned. However, he added that in the reconciliatory process, Pakistan had also some cards to play. “The US knows that the Taliban Card is in Pakistan’s hand,” he said.
Fazl told reporters that the apparent US allies also wanted to push it in a quagmire as they were paying the price on the economic front. He asked the US for unconditionally withdrawing the statements against Pakistan, adding otherwise Pakistan would be free to review its policy of cooperation with the international community in war against terrorism. To a question, Fazl said the Pakistan Army must accept that parliament was the epicenter of policies.
Asked to play mediatory role between Taliban and the other forces, the JUI-F chief said he had no contacts with the former. He warned that the war in the region would be devastating.
He told the reporters that the US, Pakistan and the media introduced the Haqqani network to the world and that they were part of Taliban. He said the Afghan Tehreek-e-Taliban was pro-Pakistan. “Despite thousands of complaints, there is no change in the minds of the Afghan Taliban and they are still pro-Pakistan,” he believed. Coming to the All-Parties Conference, the JUI-F chief said the ‘horrible’ picture which was put before the nation on Thursday was a result of the wrong policies being pursued by the government for the last 10 years.
“General Musharraf pushed the country into a quagmire in 2001 and the nation is still paying price for the same,” he added. He said the government should realise that the wrong policies pursued by it provided the US opportunity to frame charge sheet against it. He lamented that the government did not take the ‘right path’ despite the passage of parliamentary resolutions backed by 180 million people of the country. He said the point of view of the government and the public was contrary to each other on the Pak-US relations. To a question, regarding implementation on the APC resolution, Fazl said it was a test of the powers that be. To a question, Fazl said if the US did not stop drone attacks, Pakistan would have to cut the NATO supply line.