Troika meets as Nawaz vows unity


President Asif Ali Zardari discussed the security situation with Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Wednesday and reviewed the Pakistan-US relations in the context of recent developments, as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif warned that no one should have illusions about lack of national unity in Pakistan.
Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar told reporters that the meeting, which lasted nearly two hours, reviewed the current issues facing the country. They also discussed the response of political parties to the prime minister’s initiative of convening an All-Parties Conference (APC) being held today, as well as reviewing diplomatic efforts to defuse Pakistan-US tensions.
Meanwhile, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif warned that nobody should have any illusions about lack of national unity, saying the Pakistani nation was united to repel any sort of aggression. “At the time of aggression, the nation is not divided into PPP (Pakistan People’s Party), PML-N and other political parties, rather all are one force to fight against the enemy,” he said.
He said such a situation should never have surfaced in which others were trying to intimidate Pakistan.
Nawaz said the PML-N would highlight all its reservations with foreign policy and the present scenario of strained Pakistan-US ties at the All-Parties Conference (APC) summoned by the prime minister today (Thursday).
“Joint strategies were prepared by the government in consultation with political parties, including the opposition, in the past but they were quickly rubbished and joint resolutions (of parliament) were also dumped,” said Nawaz, who had come to Jinnah Hospital to enquire after the heath of PML-N Provincial Assembly Member Mumtaz Jajja, suffering from dengue fever.


  1. Can PPP-Zardari government be trusted by ML-N,Imran Khan,Jamat Islami who has a history of breaking pledges and disrespecting resolutions by earlier APC,parliament etc.This government has only exploited those to its survival and destruction of national vital assets as PIA,PSML,Wapda,Railways,economy,monetary structure etc.Only corruption has been its hallmark to the extent of not sparing 'HAJ'.This government has lost its credibility to the extent that no one trusts them for donating money for Sind flood.They did not bother on unveiling conspiracy of MQM breaking Pakistan with USA byZulfikar Mirza On the hand,Zardari showed him the door to appease MQM.Therefore,let ML-N,TIP,JIP not appease this government but ask for national government to replace the present so that nation could trust its government for not enslaving it for foreign master to perpetuate its power and protect hundred of billion dollars stashed by bathakhori ,target killing of thousands innocent in Karachi under the coalition of PPP-MQM,ANP.The nation cannot forget the revelations made on 'drones'-'you keep sending drones,we keep protesting or collateral damage is your bother not mine'etc.Who and who can trust such a government.MLN,TIP.JIP must demand it minus the present set up as joint resolution while the nation stands behind its defense forces like a rock against any adventurism by USA,UK,NATO etc.

    • M. Mehbooba:

      Why are you crying over the losses. Don't u see that our PM wears nice sunglasses and he flies on a shiny private jet? Life is gooooooooooood. Tell the Sinds' he would visit them again on the next flood…

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