Tone Down, lawyers tell US


Lawyers staged a protest against US threats to Pakistan on Wednesday. A large number of lawyers, carrying banners and placards, marched from the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) to the GPO Chowk and chanted slogans against America and in support of Pakistan-China friendship.
Lawyers condemned “USA’s threatening postures towards Pakistan.” They said Pakistan had incurred losses in the American war on terror. They said America was blaming Pakistan for its defeat in Afghanistan to satisfy the taxpaying Americans and to pave way to attack Pakistan.
Lawyers charged Pakistani rulers for protecting American interests and allowing US to go deep into Pakistan’s national affairs. They praised the army for countering “USA’s threatening tones” to Pakistan. The lawyers demanded the government put its foot down and not concede to every American demand.
Lawyers believe that sincere leadership was the need of the hour and that leadership could come out of the elite, which always give precedence to their own interests over the national ones. They demanded the government to withdraw from the American war on terror, deny passage of NATO and US supplies through Pakistan to Afghanistan and shooting down of US drones.
Save Judiciary Committee Chairman Abdul Rashid Qureshi claimed the nation was against the USA and demanded of the government to strengthen ties with China, Iran and Turkey to counter the American designs against Pakistan.
Go America go echoes in city: Resentment against US threats to Pakistan continued on Wednesday, as scores of followers of a religious group brought out an ‘America Murdabad’ (Down with America) rally from the Aiwan-e-Iqbal to the US Consulate.
Protesters were carrying Pakistani flags, banners, placards and posters inscribed with slogans against the US and in favour of the Pakistan Army. They chanted slogans denouncing the US threats. Hundreds of Sunder Sharif devotees participated in the rally and demanded appropriate action be taken against the US, as well as abandonment of ‘pro-America’ policies. The road outside the US Consulate echoed with chants of “Go America Go”, “A friend of America is a traitor”, “Down with America, American threats are unacceptable” Step up Pak Army, nation supports you and salutes your courage”.
Addressing the gathering, Sunder Sharif Shrine Custodian Habib Irfani said they did not oppose the American public, but the policies of successive US governments which had always favoured forces conspiring against Muslims around the globe. He criticised the US government for threatening Pakistan, in spite of the sacrifices made by the Pakistani nation in the war on terror.
He suggested the government act wisely, as the latest US threats had exposed the cruel face of the American government. Irfani blamed the Americans for the terrorist activities, drone attacks and killing of innocent citizens in Pakistan. He vowed to continue extending support to the Pakistan Army and government during crises. The religious leader said the Sunder Sharif Shrine had directed millions of its followers in Pakistan and other countries to stand by the Pakistan Army in case of any American aggression. He cautioned the US that the Pakistani public was not unaware of the prevailing situation and would not stand detached.