Education system


Education means perception and achievement of knowledge. It is the enhancement of spiritual and moral values, which are truthfulness, honesty and sincerity. Education system in Pakistan is very old. It has not changed much. The same system is still followed which was formulated by the educationists at the time of establishment of Pakistan. Our education is not exactly based on pure Islamic principles. That is the main cause of our social decline. The pattern of education must be Islamic and we should follow eastern culture.

Our education system does not produce well-trained workers. It does not provide expertness but only the learning which is insufficient without skills. It generates unskilled people who are practically not of much value for our society. The number of skilled workers is less as compared to our requirement. We have to increase the experts in every faculty (field) of life. Availability of good books is also a big problem. Most of the books are foreign published and are not easily available to the students. Books of higher studies, especially on literature and different fields of science, must be made available.

Our education system needs a drastic change and some technical amendments without which we can’t achieve better standard of education. For this purpose, we would have to mobilise the public.