‘We all take our bodies for granted’


Akshay Kumar refrains from cigarettes and alcohol and feels the youth should follow suit as abusing the body in the younger age will eventually have adverse effects sooner or later. Akshay elaborated on the issue by giving an example of his cousin who has made a short film which explains the consequences of such irresponsible behaviour. The actor blogged, “My little cousin brother and his mates have made a short film about ‘Smoking Kills’, can’t tell you how proud I am. In minutes they made me realise how we all take our bodies for granted, be it drinking, smoking or even just over-eating! We underestimate what the youth actually goes through these days, their struggles, their stresses, and we all wonder why they turn to smoking and drinking so easily! That is no excuse, but it is definitely a cry for help of some sort.” Akshay concluded by saying, “Everyone out there thank you for reading this, this is not a lecture, this is just me giving a few minutes of compassion to the people who I care about and that is you.”