Capital police bust 347 gangs, arrest 2,192 criminals in current year


In a crackdown against those involved in various crimes, Islamabad police have arrested 979 proclaimed offenders and busted 347 criminal gangs besides nabbing 1,213 people associated with them in the current year. A police spokesman said on Monday said that at least 15 gangs out of those busted were responsible for a number of blind murder cases and 42 culprits involved were also arrested Around 208 gangs involved in burglaries, theft and armed robberies were also busted and their 599 members were nabbed.
He said police also arrested 90 car thieves of at least 29 different gangs. He said the police also nabbed 228 people for being involved in “immoral activities” during the same period. He said police arrested around 979 p proclaimed offenders (POs). “City Zone police arrested 219 POs, Saddar Zone police nabbed 232 POs while Industrial Area and Rural Zone police nabbed 86 and 442 POs respectively. He said the Islamabad IGP Bani Amin Khan had appreciated the commitment and devotion of the Islamabad police that made those achievements possible.