Supreme Court’s website hacked


The website of Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has been hacked.
A hacking group named ‘Pak Bugs’ hacked SCP’s website with the ID of “The Notorious Zombie_Ksa”.
The hackers left a message on the hacked site criticizing the lavish lifestyle adopted by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry, and urging him to pay heed to the poverty-stricken people starving in hunger.
Moreover, they demanded a ban on objectionable sites in Pakistan.
They also threatened to hack the site of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), if their demand was not fulfilled.


  1. This is an act of terror. Mr Hacker there is no joy in what r u doing. Supreme Court of Pakistan is doing a commendable job and must not be deterred from it. Please review your policy. This would be regarded by most a despicable act and does not serve your intelligence any good.

  2. Hacking wensite is illegal and condemnable. But the message is right. If one looks at the pomp & glory in which the Chief Justice moves, one's head goes down in shame. We are a poor country. Just like President & Prime Minister should adopt simple life, so should the Chief Justice. Rather, more so.

  3. The CJP (alongside the majority of pakistani politicians, army brass and bureaucrats) loves german cars, large houses and big retinues.
    This is perfectly reasonable.
    What is not reasonable is that the public purse pays for it.

  4. Let's wait for the acceptance of responsibility by the "Taliban spokesperson". A "high level" investigation committee might be constituted by "Zardaris" or "R.Maliks" to probe into this matter.

  5. Got demands…….!
    Especiallly about noutorious sites…..!
    IL-LEGAL means can never be praisable……..!

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