Saudi Arabia steps in to defuse Pak-US tensions


Saudi Arabia stepped in on Monday to defuse the rising tension between Pakistan and the United States and in this connection, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha held crucial talks with senior Saudi intelligence officials here on Monday.
After the inconclusive talks between the senior US and Pakistani military officials in recent days, Pakistan has decided to seek the help of Saudi Arabia and other friendly states such as China to end the ongoing row with the US, which took a serious turn a few days ago when US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen and other American officials accused the ISI of exporting terrorism to Afghanistan through the powerful Taliban faction named the Haqqani network. Some media reports also suggested on Monday that the ISI chief dashed to Saudi Arabia after meeting with Saudi intelligence officials here at Chaklala Airbase, but a Pakistani security official denied that General Pasha had gone to Saudi Arabia.
He did say however that Saudi Arabia had stepped in to defuse the mounting tension between Pakistan and the US as Riyadh felt that any confrontation between Islamabad and Washington would have disastrous consequences for the peace and stability of the whole region.
KAYANI CANCELS UK VISIT: Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who chaired a special meeting of corps commanders on Sunday to discuss the US accusations and ways to counter any US unilateral military action in North Waziristan, cancelled his trip to the UK slated for Monday to continue with the ‘in-house’ debate on the row with the US.


  1. As expected. Saudi will tell Pakistan to do what US want them to do and after initial dramas of showing 'ghairat' Pakistan will agree. end of it and thats what it should be.

  2. GHQ's reliance on "terrorist/freedom fighting " has to come to an end some day. Pretending it doesn't use them as part of established policy has been disproven so many times, yet Rawalpindi defiantly insists on brazening it out by outright denials.

    The problem is that no country in the world believes Pakistan anymore (least of all the Chinese who are more astute then most and play their cards to suit their interests).

    Are our 'gairatmund' generals finally going to come to their senses or will they willy-nilly send our country down in a fit of strategic pique?

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