Be clean; fight disease


A few days before we were all worried and threatened by terrorism but now another sibling of the terrorists, Mr Dengue, has appeared on the scene and created havoc for the denizens of this country.

People are dying everyday just because of this little creature. The main cause of dengue is the lack of cleanliness and bad hygeine and sanitation in our surroundings.

If people start cleaning their surroundings and the government all public places, such diseases can be eliminated. Instead of blaming the government for every other thing, it’s our responsibility to keep our country clean. All that we do is that we clean our own houses and throw garbage out on the roads which in turn has now become a danger and threat for us all.

It’s my request to the whole nation to keep the country clean. Millions of people die every year because of diseases like cholera, malaria, tetanus, hepatitis etc and all these diseases spread because of an unhealthy environment.