Robbers kill man, loot Rs 10m in daring heist


Robbers shot dead a 60-year-old man and injured another for resisting a heist in Lytton Road police precincts on Thursday.
The robbers fled with prize bonds worth Rs 10 million.
The deceased, identified as Saadat Hussain, was a resident of N-Block Samanabad, while the injured was identified as Muhammad Waheed. The victims were on way home on a motorcycle after purchasing prize bonds worth Rs 10 million from the State Bank of Pakistan. As the two neared Miani Sahib Graveyard, two armed motorcyclists intercepted them and took them hostage at gun point.
The robbers opened fire when the men tried to resist the looting. Hussain was shot thrice, while Waheed was hit by a single bullet.
Rescue 1122 officials shifted the two to Mayo Hospital, where Hussain died of his wounds.
Lytton Road police have registered a case and started investigation.
Civil Lines (Investigations) SP Captain (r) Malik Liaqat said it would be difficult to trace the criminals as there was no eyewitnesses and little circumstantial evidence.
He said Waheed was not in a condition to give a statement, but his account would help police in tracing the criminals.
“Though the relatives of the deceased and the injured have claimed that the robbers looted prize bonds worth Rs 10 million, their claims are not believable,” Malik said.
An investigator said on condition of anonymity that the relatives had changed there statements about the looted money thrice.
He said they first said the deceased was returning after withdrawing Rs 10 millions from a bank, but later said the were running a construction business and had Rs 10 million in smaller denomination, which they got changed into Rs 5,000 notes from the State Bank of Pakistan.
In the third statement, the relatives said the victims had purchased prize bonds worth Rs 10 million from the State Bank of Pakistan.