Mullen’s statement against Pakistan: Nisar


Opposition leader in NA Chaudhry Nisar has said that statement given by Admiral Mike Mullen is against independence and sovereignty of Pakistan.
While talking to journalists, he demanded that parliament be summoned to take the nation into confidence on worsening economic situation of the country and statement given by US admiral Mike Mullen for involving Pakistan army and ISI in attack on US embassy in Kabul.
The ever worst, incompetent and corrupt government is in place in the country for the first time of its history, he charged.
He said threats being received by Pakistan since the last few weeks had not only triggered concern in terms of country’s sovereignty but were also very detrimental.
US top functionaries used to use soft language for Pakistan traditionally but now they had descended upon using hard language, he said adding that the statement given by Admiral Mike Mullen demanded that rulers should cast off slumber as the matter would not be resolved by giving explanations or entreating US.
He observed there could be no more enormous failure of government than it that business community was begging for peace from army chief in Karachi.
Rulers were not only incompetent from the very first day but also they were oblivious to the situation, he alleged.
Rupee value had plunged drastically and this horrendous fall had led to increase our loans by Rs 120 billions, he said adding reports were there about ending of IMF programme.
He underscored that national agenda was ready and PML-N could not move ahead this agenda alone.


  1. Part 1.

    Haqqanis are inside Afghanistan, 90% of Afghanistan is in the hands of ANR – Afghan National Resistance. Why is Pakistan responsible for the failures of US military inside Afghanistan. Either Afghanistan is under ISAF control or it is as I said in the hands of The Afghan National Resistance. The Haqqanis are just ine faction, there are many others all against American Occupation. Sure Haqqanis and ISI have a close relationship but the CIA created Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son who were welcomed as heroes by Ronald Reagan after the Soviet War. The Only people then who called the Haqqanis terrorists are the same people blurring the Afghanistan End Game – those supporting the division of Afghanistan on ethnic lines by this I mean The Indians with their agent Mr Blackwill.

    2be continued on Part 2

    • Part 2.

      There is no proof the Haqqanis bombed the embassy this is America thrusting its failures onto Pakistan. Pakistan can easily accuse America for harbouring terrorists who launch attacks inside Pakistan on mosques, schools, police stations, shopping bazaars – anywhere. Pakistani Army have chased the Tereek-e-Taliban out of Pakistan funded by India and USA the 3000 strong Afghan death squad as mentioned by Bob Woodward in his book on Obama. The TTP coined by Indians as Pakistani Taliban to make an association with Afghan Taliban are neither Taliban no Pakistani and regularly launch attacks from within Afghanistan supported via Indian consulates under an American Umbrella.

      2 be continued…

      • Part 3

        Why does ISAF not stop these terrorists entering into Pakistan? why!!!

        If America alienates Pakistan a powerful country in the region with many friendly neighbours hostile to America in their back yard including Russia ironically a key ally but also China, Iran and Turkiye amongst others. Remember 20 years ago The Soviets were economically, politically and strategically in the same boat as America and it was Pakistani professional soldiers fighting amongst their cousins inside Afghanistan that brought down The Soviets. The first piece of rock that came down in the Berlin Wall was given to Pakistan ISI Chief with a placard reading "To the one who made the first blow" in bringing down the Berlin wall.

        2 be continued

  2. This is the wrong course for America and the wrong policy to divide Afghanistan along ethnic lands (The Indian Plan) maintain a prolonged presence inside Afghanistan and attack Pakistan the strongest ally of China.How much more can Pakistanis take or for how long do you expect them to stay quiet, instead of recognising thier sacrifice and courage you humiliate them

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