US extends support to flood victims


The United States is helping the Sindh flood victims by providing food supplies, safe drinking water, shelter, sanitation and basic health care to over 50,000 affected families. US Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded almost 60 trucks transporting relief goods for flood victims. In addition, 1,000 plastic tarps for emergency shelter have also been provided by the US. “The US assistance will help thousands of flood-affected families by attending their immediate needs over the next few weeks,” said Director of the US Agency for International Development Mission Andrew Sisson.
He told the provincial government officials that the USAID-funded food packages had already reached to 23,000 families in seven districts of Sindh such as Badin, Mirpurkas, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Allah Yar, Tharparker, Umarkot and Hyderabad.
He said this assistance had been delivered through the ‘International Organisation for Migration’, adding that the US supported long-term development in such crisis. Sisson said specialised local and international organisations were working to deliver relief items. He said further that the US-funded relief supplies, including shelter, drinking water, sanitation and hygiene provisions would be provided through the Rural Support Programmes Network, a Pakistani non-governmental organisation.