Encroachments in Rawalpindi remain unnoticed


The residents of Circular Road, Saidpur Road and Aladad Road have been voicing their concerns over the illegal occupation of these roads by the encroachers, who park their vehicles and set up all sorts of businesses on the roads, not only causing extreme congestion but also creating a security risk.
They rued the fact that encroachments had remained unchecked as the authorities concerned failed to control the situation. They said the encroachers on Saidpur Road had become a headache, as they hampered the movement of even the pedestrians.
The locals asked the top authorities to remove the encroachments as soon as possible. They told Pakistan Today that despite the repeated complaints, the administration was in complete denial, which encouraged the illegal practice.
They said encroachments had not only marred the beauty of the area, but also damaged the roads as well, causing great hardships to the people travelling through the only route available to them.
Liaqat Ali, who resides near the Circular Road, said the motorcycle dealers and auto workshops owners had occupied the road. “It has become a parking space for the encroachers while fruit sellers have set up stalls on the walkway and road,” he said, adding that the phenomenon had become one of the biggest problems for the residents of the garrison city.
A resident of Saidpur Road, Jamil, said the encroachments could result into an accident and the authorities concerned should remove them. “The encroachers throw garbage in the open. We have lodged several complaints with the administration but they have gone down the drain,” said Jamil. He said that the taxi drivers were also contributing to augment the problem, by parking their vehicles on the road.
“It is very difficult to cross the Circular Road during the peak hours because the encroachers are running their businesses by occupying the road,” Sajid Ali, a motorist, said.
“I have complained against encroachers many a time to the traffic wardens deputed here and asked them to remove these encroachers but they say that it is not their job”.
The residents of these areas said the practice was the main reason behind traffic jams.
It is not only the motorists but also the pedestrians are also facing the problem as a routine.
They urged the city administrators to remove the encroachments from the roads for a smooth traffic flow.