Winning the battle of ideas against extremism


President Asif Zardari has said that militancy and extremism posed a great challenge to global peace and stressed the need for winning the battle of ideas against extremism for world peace reiterating also Pakistan’s commitment to promote international peace.
He said this on the World Peace Day being observed throughout the world today(Wednesday).. “We resolve once again on this day to work for the promotion global peace and harmony”the President emphasized.
The President said the World Peace Day on September 21 is a wakeup call to every government and every individual to promote the cause of world peace.
He said the success of a durable global peace lies in the international community’s collective interest and effort to promote and sustain peace.
“Pakistan believes in promoting world peace and resolving contentious issues by peaceful means through dialogue and discussion. For this reason it has promoted the idea of dialogue between different faiths and cultures and
promoting reconciliation. Indeed reconciliation is a central plank of the policy of the present democratic government of Pakistan” he said.
The President said a great challenge to peace and stability comes from intolerance to opposing views. Whether it is militancy, extremism or sectarianism its roots lie in intolerance. For sustainable peace therefore we must win the battle of ideas against extremism and militancy.
The President said one effective response to growing militancy lies in strengthening democracy that believes in unity in diversity and in tolerance towards dissent. Another effective response lies in promoting interfaith harmony.
He believed that democracy creates the ambience for realizing the aspirations of our people for peace, progress and prosperity.
The President reiterated the pledge to strengthen democracy and democratic institutions in the country as a bulwark against internal and external threats to peace and stability. He said we have a dream for an enduring peace in Pakistan and South Asia. Realization of this dream calls for democracy, dialogue and development of the region.