Officials’ wrongdoings put PU VC in trouble


The ‘close allies’ of Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor (VC) Dr Mujahid Kamran have put the VC in trouble by ‘illegally’ appointing an assistant professor (AP) at PU Social Work Department, as criticism on the VC has started among educationists and even in government circles over the issue, Pakistan Today learnt on Wednesday.
PU high-ups selected Social Work Department Lecturer Syeda Mahnaz Hassan as AP on Wednesday by sidelining other candidates who applied for the post. The varsity bigwigs did not consider the amount of trouble they would put the VC in, especially during a period when VC was fighting for his extension. According to PU circles, the violation of merit, in presence of a civilian government, was condemnable. According to sources, PU administration selected the ‘blue-eyed’ candidate to appease high-ups. On Wednesday, a tense situation was witnessed at the varsity where an influential, who was responsible for supervising the merit, allegedly arranged a selection board and promoted his ‘blue-eyed lecturer’ to the post of AP.
According to many PU teachers, this was the biggest-ever incident of favoritism at the varsity, which proved that the PU administration had no regard for the judiciary, government and governor. According to PU sources, two other eligible candidates, who applied for the said post, were not called for the interview. They said that other candidates met the requirement for the said post, including an MPhil degree and five-year teaching experience, but they were discriminated against and not sent call letters for interview, following the orders of an influential.
According to a PU official, the PU VC had some advisors in his team, who tempered with the records and victimised other candidates. He said that these PU officials had dig out a pit for the PU VC to fall in, by illegally appointing Mahnaz. He added that the VC would not be able to clarify his position in court if the LHC objected to the selection. He demanded that Punjab CM should bar the PU administration from recruiting officials by forming such ‘secret boards’.
A PU professor said some professors had increased the difficulties for the PU VC by favouring Mahnaz. He said that the VC was going to complete his tenure at the end of this year and the favoritism case had raised questions on VC’s status. He said that already there were a number of elements at PU who were campaigning against the VC, while the standing committee of the National Assembly had a list of illegal appointments made in the tenure PU VC, and this fresh case had only added to the VC’s woes.
Norina Tariq, a candidate who applied for the post and was rejected despite having 24-years teaching experience, said it was tragic that the PU was in grip of corrupt officials. Norina said she would go to court for justice and will fight for her right. PU Additional Register Aurangzeb rejected allegations leveled against the selection of Mahnaz as AP. He said that the PU administration had enough documents to prove her selection on merit adding that all allegations leveled against the PU administration were baseless.