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Nawaz demands ban on militant wings in parties

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday demanded disqualification of political parties with militant wings in Karachi, saying peace in the economic powerhouse of the country was not possible unless such parties were barred from taking part in parliamentary politics.
Talking to reporters after meeting the local businessmen community here, Nawaz said such parties should not be allowed to contest elections, adding that they should be allowed to participate in parliamentary politics only after abolition of their militant wings.
“Their militant wings have become a menace. These parties should be barred from participating in elections by the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of Pakistan or the government,” he said.
Asked to identify the parties, he said, “Everybody knows about them.” He said maintaining peace in Karachi was necessary for the country’s economic progress, and he had focused on both things during his tenure.
“It was the reason I launched an operation in Karachi with help of the Pakistan Army in 1992,” Nawaz said.
Asked whether he was of the opinion that such operation was again needed in the city, The PML-N chief said the situation could be controlled by giving the Rangers more powers.
Asked about the possibility of joint efforts by the PPP and PML-N for the relief and rehabilitation of flood-affected population of Sindh, Nawaz said the government had failed to improve its performance. “In this situation the people will get fed up of the government and it will have to go,” he said.

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  1. Ahmed Nadeem said:

    What a hypocrite. He is responsible for killing thousands on people in Karachi in the name of operation clean up, took away billions of rupees in corruption – especially the one in loan repayments, ran away after doing a deal with Musharraf and attached the Supreme Court, and he has the nerve to talk about morals!! Pakistani people will not be fooled by you again! Everyone is so impressed by Nawaz Shareef’s statement as if he said something new. Peoples Party has been saying this for the past 10 years. Shareef brothers are only repeating what PPP has been saying all along.

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