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Man arrested for selling dead meat

A man was arrested on Tuesday for selling meat of dead animals in Cantonment area, while two of his accomplices were successful in fleeing away, an English daily reported.
Liaqat, the Cantt station house officer (SHO), said that the meat shop’s watchman, Latif, was arrested in a raid to the shop. He said Latif provided them information about the two butchers, who fled the shop before the raid.
Moreover, two dead buffaloes were found in a room at the back of the meat shop in the raid. Latif said that the two butchers were about to ‘slaughter’ the buffaloes, which died a couple of days ago. He also admitted that he, along with the two men, bought dead cattle at low price and brought them to the shop. He said that they sold the meat to various shops in the Cantt area.
Police have registered a case against the shop owners and the watchmen, who facilitated the butchers. They are searching for the main culprits, who are at large, he said.

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    check the stamps on the carcass' sides…..i bet they read
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