Junior cops made scapegoats to save officials backing criminals


Apparently in a major cover-up bid, the high ups of the capital police department have made four junior officials ‘scapegoat’ to save the skin of two high-ranking officials, who had been reportedly providing protection to carjackers responsible for a number of car theft case, Pakistan Today has learnt on authority.
“Superintendent of Police (SP) Muhmmad Ilyas and Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Shakir Ahmad interrogated a carjacker named Huassain Akhtar alias Major, who revealed that several high-ranking police officers had been patronising several car-lifting gangs and providing them assistance to take the stolen vehicles out of the city,” a well-placed source said.
He said Major had told the police officers that he along with his other accomplices used to steal cars in the federal capital in connivance with the police officials including Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Abdul Razzaq, DSP Bashir Noon, Inspector Khalid Masood, Inspector Abdul Majeed, Inspector Shafiq, Sub Inspectors (SIs) Asjad Mehmood, Shamas, Ishaque, Malik Tehseen and assistant sub inspectors (ASIs) Tariq Khan, Sharif and Mansoor.
The source said ASP Shakir Ahmad submitted the interrogation report with the high-ups of the capital police, adding that the top cops decided to make some junior officers scapegoat to save the skin of their blue-eyed high-ranking officials.
“Hence four junior officers including Inspector Shafique, (Sis) Shams, Ishaque, ASIs Sharif and Mansoor were suspended instead of those responsible for the wrongdoing”, the source added.
The source said the carjackers working in connivance with the high-ranking officials had stolen or snatched over 480 vehicles including motorcycles from the different parts of the city by August this year. He said six police precincts including Margalla, Shalimar, I-9, Kohsar, Aabarar and Sabzi Mandi witnessed most of those car stealing or car snatching cases when compared with the rest of the police stations of the capital.
He said that in the current year 115 vehicles were stolen from the limits of Margalla Police Station, 106 from Shalimar, 76 from Industrial Area, 49 from Kohsar, 41 from Sabzi Mandi, 30 from Shehazad Town, 18 from Aabpara, 15 from Koral, eight from Sihala, 10 from Golra Police Station and six each from Tarnol and Secretariat police stations.
He said several organised car-lifting gangs were operating in the city in connivance with police officials. The police source said that the rising number of car-lifting incidents would be controlled if the honest policemen in the Anti Car-Lifting Cell (ACLC) were encouraged to work with complete independence. He also said equipping them with latest technology could also improve their performance.