Social activist musters more support for a ‘reformed state’


Raja Jahangir Akhtar, who on Tuesday completed nine days of hunger strike, succeeded to muster the support of more parliamentarians and political leaders as well as of common people. A number of MP’s and political leaders including Aitzaz Ahsan, Naheed Khan, Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani and Safdar Abbasi of PPP besides Senator Hasil Bizenjo, Anusha Rehman of PML-N and former senator Sardar Salim visited the camp of Jahangir at the Super market. A large number of supporters of ‘Pakistani Anna Hazare’ also gathered at the venue.
Speaking on the occasion, they said Pakistan was not threatened by the outside forces, like India, and had been facing challenges from inside including poor education and health, and rising inflation etc.
The speakers said the huge allocation for defence purposes had created a number of problems and poverty in the country.
They asserted that the government should now curtail the defence expenses by increasing education and health budget.
Social activist Jamil Abbasi said the General Ziaul Haq regime had crossed all limits of corruption, a tradition that could not be get rid of even today. However, the parliamentarians tried to convince Jahangir to end his protest. The MP’s affiliated with the ruling parties assured him that they would raise his demands in the parliament.
Speaking on the occasion, Naheed Khan, a close aide of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and disgruntled leader of PPP, said there was no mechanism in the country for accountability. Criticising the incumbent government, she said the incumbent government had failed to eradicate corruption from the state institutions.
She suggested Jahangir to end his strike but said, “Jahangir should convince the people to stand with him against corruption,” adding that the citizens had now become use to keeping their eyes close.
Jahangir has started his campaign for bringing a bill in the parliament against corruption and to cut the budget of the armed forces and is still determined to continue his strike till his death despite the fact that his health has been deteriorating with the each passing day.


  1. good effort but indeed we are nation of dead sleepers. Who will listen to him ???
    Everybody do corruption here… no matter its a queue or post etc…

  2. The politicians on whose instance Raja Sahib has completed nine days of hunger strike tell lies and are habitual of making false promises in their public speeches. In fact these are the people responsible for the miseries our people are facing. Therefore Raja Sahib should not believe in them.

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