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Mumtaz wants his son in PML-N

In the recent meetings held between the leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif and Sindh National Front (SNF) Chairman Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, the idea of Bhutto’s son, Amir Bux Bhutto, joining the PML-N was floated, an insider asking not to be named told Pakistan Today.
In the first meeting the leaders discussed the overall security and political situation in the country, the source said, adding that in the second Sharif and Bhutto met each other while the third meeting will be held soon to finalise and announce the outcomes of the talks in either Lahore or Karachi. The source said Bhutto was of the opinion that his party was struggling against the present government and the PML-N should fight the government out in the open now.
The source also said the PML-N was facing problems in Sindh as it could not decide who to appoint the president there, adding that the Sindh chapter of the party goes haywire whenever either of the Sharifs is visiting. During this visit also Nawaz Sharif could not talk to reporters since his party workers were chanting random slogans and not letting him speak, the source said, adding that Sharif had taken his own security staff from Punjab instead of trusting his party’s Sindh chapter. Scuffles also broke out between reporters and PML-N and SNF party members.

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  1. M. Ahmed said:

    A political marriage of convenience in the making in which there is everything for the leaders and nothing for the people! Any doubts?

  2. BOtaa ALi said:

    HOW SimplE .kill 10000 in taRget KILLing,then say SORRY.MumTAZ bHUUTO highliGFHT THIS aND ALSO Nawaz ShaRIF .THis IS PPP-,MQM,ANP,MLCHOUDRy way of POLitics.nation beware of killers.throw them Out

  3. Khalid Kamal said:

    Such ventures are short live and only serve few personalities as such. They fall as interest shifts to higher level of greed or goals by either party.

    Wonder when the goal will be to serve the masses or improve the broken system.

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