He will never travel the world with his mom


“I will become a pilot and travel around the globe with my mother,” used to say eight-year-old Mohid, when his aunt, Shahnaz, asked him what he wanted to become in future.
Mohid and his mother, Mumtaz, became the victims of a powerful suicide blast on Monday outside the residence of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Chaudhry Aslam, when they had arrived at the Washington International School (WIS) in phase VIII of DHA, opposite the house of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) officer.
The 30-year-old single mother, resident of Sector D in Korangi, was an Islamiyat teacher at the same school. Shahnaz told Pakistan Today that she was also a teacher at CSS School in DHA, situated just a few yards away from the WIS.
“As per routine, I had just dropped Mumtaz and Mohid and moved only about 50 meters ahead when there was a huge explosion.
“I lost consciousness due to the explosives hitting my car and when I regained senses, there were sounds of sirens of ambulances. Some rescuers took me out of the car and shifted me to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). “When I felt better, I heard a man calling for the heirs of those who had lost their lives in this blast and called the name of my nephew and sister,” Shahnaz added, bursting into tears.
“Mumtaz was my sister and had been living with us after separation from her husband.
“As Mohid was growing up, she decided to get a job to meet her expenses and started teaching in the WIS. “When Mohid reached the school-going age, Mumtaz requested her school’s administration to admit her son in the same school. After a lot of persistence, the management gave in.
Shahnaz said that Mohid was a very intelligent and hardworking student and also took regular part in extra-curricular activities.
“One day I asked Mohid what he wanted to become in the future and he replied that he wanted to be a pilot and travel around the globe with his mother,” the aunt of the deceased boy recalled.
Mohid’s grandfather and father of Mumtaz, retired sub-inspector Attaullah Khan, told Pakistan Today that Mumtaz was the eldest among his three daughters and two sons. “She was residing with us after separating from her husband.”
He said his daughter was very bold and decided to work as she did not want to become a burden on the family. “Mohid was a very active child and always took part in extra-curricular activities. Today was the ‘Sports Day’ at his school but he had been sad. I asked him several times that why are you sad but he do not respond,” Khan started crying and stopped the conversation.


  1. God bless them…and may the wrath of God be upon these beasts who hurt innocents for their meager motives. Ameen!

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