Taliban claim responsibility for Karachi blast


Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the house of a police officer here on Monday morning, which killed six police guards, a mother and her 12-year-old son.
The bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into the house of the Senior Superintendent Police of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) Chaudhry Mohammad Aslam at a Defense locality here in the city.
Aslam, who escaped unhurt in the attack, told reporters that he had received threats from the Pakistani Taliban and other extremist groups. He said his police guards and the people working in his house were killed and injured.
Police said that CID had arrested several Taliban militants and members of other banned extremist groups in Karachi and its officials are under threats by the militant groups.
“I have received threatening letters from the banned Tehrik-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other terrorist groups but I did not know they would target my children while they were asleep,” Aslam said. He said the attack was so brutal that even children became a target.
City Police Chief Saud Mirza told reporters that over 300 kilograms of explosives were used in the attack.
Mirza said that the CID officer had arrested several Taliban suspects in Karachi and he had been interrogating those suspects and this is the main reason that the militants had attacked his house. He said the security agencies had been on high alert about any possible attack in Karachi.
Moin Khan, former captain of the Pakistani cricket team, who lives in the area, told a private television channel that the blast woke him up and when he arrived at the scene he saw dead bodies and injured pople lying on the street. He said the blast blew up fiber glass roofs of several nearby buildings, including schools.
“I saw debris of the destroyed in 100 meters area and it was a terrible scene,” Khan said, adding that there could be more deaths if the nearby schools had been opened.
The channel reported that TTP claimed responsibility for the suicide blast and said it will keep on attacks to target the police officers.
TV channels said that some family members of the police officer were among the injured and were shifted to hospitals. But there was no official confirmation.
Teams of the bomb disposal squad also arrived at the site and collected evidence. The blast created a 8-feet crater in the area, witnesses said.


  1. What difference does it make whoever takes responsibility for it. Its not like they are gonna get caught and punished anyways…

  2. Unfortunately in this age of rampant media coverage the various groups take the responsibility so that it increases their public profile. It is manipulations through the power or media because it is the media coverage that they seek and the more the coverage, the more the power they get – both tangible -in terms of monetary support from rogue elements and intangible – spreading fear and harassment among people, who then in turn would talk about them thus spreading more fear.

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