KU after heavy rains


The devastation caused by heavy rains is not only faced by the residential areas, but by the University of Karachi as well. Stagnant water blending with dirt and mud portrays a horrific picture, which also facilitates the growth of different micro-organisms that can harm students so easily. Pools of water in the corridors and other places produce a foul smell and have proven to be a source of pollution in and around the university.

Moreover, the scene causes nausea. Student access to different departments and bus stops is hampered.

Another irritating problem that is being faced by different departments of the university is the leakage of water from roofs when rainwater accumulates on them. Students have to suffer during lectures by standing here and there to avoid the dripping water. There is a chance that a roof may collapse, another alarming sign for the administration.

I request the concerned authorities to take some prompt actions to make the university as clean, neat and safe as possible to save the students from any untoward situation.