Facebook to be blocked


The Lahore High Court Justice Sh Azmat Saeed on Monday ordered ministry of information and technology to block access to all websites in Pakistan especially American social networking website “Facebook”, spreading religious hatred on internet and to submit a compliance report by October 6. The judge, however, made it clear that no search engine including “Google” would be blocked.
The court issued this order while hearing a petition seeking a permanent ban on the access to American social networking website “Facebook” for hosting competition featuring blasphemous caricatures.
Muhammad & Ahmad, a public interest litigation firm, through chairman Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate filed this petition and prayed for a permanent ban on access to Facebook for hosting a fresh blasphemous caricature drawing contest world over under a title “2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day-May 20, 2011”.
The petitioner pointed out that Islamic values are being derogated in the name of information that is hurting feeling of billions of Muslims.
He said despite order of the court, ministry of information technology did not block websites spreading religious hatred.
Petitioner requested that Facebook and all similar websites be permanently blocked or banned in Pakistan for airing, placing, visualizing obscene caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
The petition aims at stopping unholy drawing contest as well as blocking access to the facebook site in order to save feelings of millions of Muslims from being hurt by the objectionable caricatures which the masters minds of the “2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day-May 20, 2011 are planning through the dirty contest.
He pleaded that due to holding of fresh competition, SHO Civil Lines Police Station be directed to register a criminal case under Section 295-C and other relevant provisions of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against the perpetrators.
Petitioner has sought directions for the federal government to stop display of material with respect to blasphemy of any religion or Holy Prophet on Facebook and all other such websites in Pakistan.
He said the government be directed to establish a permanent authority, having legal status, who would monitor such objectionable activities across the world, so that blasphemy of Holy Prophet should be banned forever, including the holy personalities of all religions.


    • i certainly agree. my best friend runs a business through fb and thats the only way of income for them. why do this ? the more solid thing to be done is to educate the muslim ummah and make it strong to compete with the enemies of islam.closing our eyes to this website or others wont do any good!

      • but may be they can save many muslim's from seeing those caricatures… as many of them , after seeing those start sharing those caricatures inorder to stop it or oopse it but result into as a spreader of such content….

      • I think you're friend and many like them should file their own petition so that the people realize that its not just about being exposed to things that facebook does for us. I've never even once seen this "caricature contest" and i'm not doubting its existence but i'm merely trying to point out that no one is really exposed to it unless they go looking for it or unless they have friends who send them links to it. Many businesses in pakistan are now thriving because of facebook and i would hate to see these young motivated people lose heart and money.

      • try not going on such groups keep ur faith and keep ur bread and butter if this is the only way of income people will be in trouble unless ali u decide to provide bread and butter for all the people tht might lose their only source of income 🙂

        ur only saying this cuz ur source of income isnt facebook!

        • I'm sure there is absolutely no business which cannot survive without Facebook. You can just use 'common sense' and work your way around it! Make a website for your business!!!

      • Your allah is not going to feed u boy. u need earn to live. You see those who don't belive allah (usa and europe) are florishing and can by entire muslim countries in a minute.

        • kya apko ye ilm nahi h ki ALLAH ny frmaya h ki wo in logun ko dheel dy rahy hn ta k unko dekyn wo kis hadd tak ja skty hn….jb k un sb ka injaam bhht bura hoga… bhht bura aur ye baat tamam muslman jo k quran sy thora bht intouch hun,,,achi trha janty hun gy….

        • Allah's Apostle said, 'If you believe in God the Almighty so that you have the right to rely on that provision is for the birds, which thus provided. Setting forth the morning empty stomach and back fill the evening. (Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah).
          رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا: اگر تم اللہ تعالیٰ پر اسی طرح بھروسہ کرو جیسا کہ اس پر بھروسہ کرنے کا حق ہے تو تمہیں اس طرح رزق دیا جائے جس طرح پرندوں کو رزق دیا جاتا ہے۔ صبح خالی پیٹ نکلتے ہیں اور شام کو پیٹ بھر کر واپس پلٹتے ہیں۔ (مسند احمد، ترمذی، ابن ماجہ )۔

    • why do all of the think about the money and dont think anout our religious and our prophet(P.B.U.H)…evry single day they make fun of our religion….and still our youth supprt them…not themselves……

    • because they are blind on the name of islamic values. On the name of profet muhammand so called scholers have always mismanaged public emotions for their own self.

    • Mr.Affan Alam no need to worry about this as we know that God makes batter chances for a person's bread & butter

    • People make bread and butter by selling drugs and alcoholics. Anything that is a bad influence should be shut down. This step should have been taken before. But there were worse things than this to be shut down.

    • So that means FB is our GOD which provide us bread and butter without FB we will die from hunger. I totally support court decision. FB should abide by some law otherwise kick on their ***.

      Welldone Court !!!

    • your opinions ___ boy and your belief in religion toooo. i cant believe that people can be so much dumb witted to choose fb ovr religion……….. and what do you mean by cut off havent you heard about twitter or my space? they r nt cutting of ur internet connection damn it

    • if FB not stop these type of pages evets which are against the Islam then u should know that it is HARAM . the they get through is also HARAM.

    • Bread n butter is from God, people can earn from other sources too, but on religious matter, there are rules to follow, and those people who don't have enough education like you to follow religious rules they should be educated well for discriminating in right and wrong if someone abused your father then you will never like to meet him, then why you are having objection on this action, are you shamful enough to respect religious values.

    • Probably I am the guy who made more and even more $$$ then 100 people have earned through facebook, But I am way tooooooooooo much happy with blocking this f**kn SH**it website, I am social media manager, but I know that these websites are no more social, it's just a plan against Muslim world. Believe me, you will get so much peace when this un-social website is blocked.

      It will save you alot of time, and Now those who even don't pray, recite Quran, they will get back to Islam once again….

    • u r r8
      bt m nt making money
      bt i m making ma lyk through fb
      i m that much addicted
      so the persongs which r addicted wat will they do


    • Bread & Butter are being bestowed by God , Not by FB, Nothing is Important than The Dignity Of OUR Prophet (P.B.U.H), Block facebook

    • Bread and butter vs blasphemous act. Dude it's about time we should realise which one is more important. I'll be so glad if both facebook and youtube are blocked forever.

  1. -______-
    Basically they want to cut us off from the rest of the world. Can’t they see that this isn’t the way to go? Before isolating us (and slowly driving us to insanity ofcoarse) maybe they should do something about all the corrupt mullahs if they are THAT concerned about religion.

    • mullah's are not only issue of this country… we have many educated illeteral's here too. we should also take care of the,…..

    • Is this only one way to connect with rest of world. There are lot of ways. Google is lounched new system that one is Google Plus. It like facebook. I will help you.

      There are many ways to connect to the world like news paper, TV, google is best way..
      Please Thank what you are talking about. It is Our Religious Matter.

    • you are actually mentally sick due to being ego boosted by FB, I ask you a simple question – if someone abuses your mother with a this word f**king bitc*, what your reaction will be, will you after all say that someone is there who doing this conspiracy and will you have relations with the abuser, may be yes because people like you are miserably shameless to respect their mother and that's all right because those mothers are responsible for their ignorance.

    • MAY be you are more concerned about loosing the joy you used to get by chatting or surfing on facebook..these things will not help you here after….. have some love and respect for ISLAM

    • You prefer communicating with the world to such a hateful anti islam event? Islamic believes have no weightage on your decisions??? May ALLAH have mercy on you. Life is temporary my fellow. What good will you "communicating with the world" "being up to date, modern," do in the qabar? I know we can't do much against facebook. I am not asking you to kill the people involved in this dirty event. I am not asking you to destroy the facebook setup. but the LEAST we can do is boycott them? Brother you don't even want to do the least?? May ALLAH guide the muslims of today.

    • Our Country is not Corrupt. We are personally Corrupt.
      Think about your self, What we are doing. When we go to college, why not we pay Fair, or why you beat buses conuctors, We don't think what we are doing?

      What you think you are honest man. If you are in place of Zardari. You will not support your family or your friends. Definately you will support…
      We all are corrupt….

    • You have no education about corruption, there are hundreds and thousands of people in Pakistan who don't have enough intellect to understand the betterment and harmfulness of things around them, this is the sole reason that Nation of Pakistani is miserable sick of many mental prospects including emotional disorder, your reaction is very logically a great example of this. Think, when someone speaks ill of us, we get very much emotional and we are just ready to fight, and when someone speaks ill of our Religion or our Nation what we do, you and many many youths of Pakistan are living a life of Animals, see Animals around you, they have no values no rules no regulations and finally no religion, they don't discriminate in their wives and their mothers exactly like you who does not discriminate in his Prophet (Sallal laho Aleh wasallam) and Facebook, the one is Right the last-living and the other is entertaining, ego boosting but unreliable…………now what do think about your way of thinking………

      [email protected]

  2. Pakistani Courts have been hijacked by Mullahs…they don’t know the modern world and modern technologies and its also against the human rights….we oppose this decision….

    • You are a complete illitrate…. you need to educate yourself…
      Dont know what u are talking about…

    • boht problem ha na tma pakistan se n high court of pakistan se thn y do u not leave pakistan ?in your opinion facebook z da only way 2 get connect n communicate rest of da world thn y can't y leave pakistan n y r u living here?i think u hav no respect n lov for religion n ur prophet?

    • OH! modern technology……………………… hope this will help you hereafter ………open your eyes and see what they are doing …they are destroying the youth ………..instead of some research or any other good thing we waste our time in chatting…. believe me or not we will be answerable for each and every second we are wasting
      for you modern technology is facebook but for a sensible person modern technology means something like 3d imaging, encrypted systems etc

  3. Ok this seems so mre then 2 years ago…i think PT has republished the old stuff… and if nt then the competition was made for in may, and being an active facebook member, I along with many others, m sure, didn’t heard about it!!!

  4. i thnk u all love fb not ur religion! If we want social website we can make our social website for pakistanis! There is no harm in blocking fb ! Before fb people aslo enjoy and hv fun in there life

    • This sort of response does nothing good for our religion. It would make more sense if we tried to convince people to be more sensitive to Islam (or less sensitive to supposed insults to Islam)…not closed our eyes like those stupid monkeys who didn't want to see evil – and therefore probably stumbled into a well and died.
      Also, joining a Pakistani social website makes little sense when Facebook is about connecting people around the globe.

    • Mr Waqas you need to wake up and open your eyes because its about time you do .
      First of all seperate facebook for pakistanis ?
      You dont really understand the meaning of Globalization do you ?
      its not about us anymore , it about the world . we dont use facebook to connect and socialize with pakistanis only , its being used as a forum to display your talent world wide .
      Secondly alot of people are earning money through facebook .so many multinationals have payed for advertising to facebook on a contract which has a minimum lenght of 1 year . What about their loss ? what about the people who will be unable to earn money through facebook ?
      how will the youth of pakistan share his/her talent with the world ?

      And what have these Mullahs done for us any way apart from the fake promises they made and the massive corruption which is being done at huge scale through out pakistan .

      • showcasing talent?? showcasing obscenity,vulgarism and self exploitation are the main goals of facebook,i really feel shame and pity for ppl like you who favour facebook over the image of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and your comment specifically mentioning "MULLAHS" proves the revelation the Holy Quran that the religious people in our society will be looked as evil,backwards and uncivilized and thats when Judgment Day will arrive…….

    • Waqas Saab… I use facebook from abroad to stay in touch with my family and friends both in Pakistan and elsewhere. So when people like you and those sorry excuses for judges and lawyers go about prancing in you own little worlds thinking you're so damn righteous and all, it's actually people like me who have to suffer. Not only that, this sort of action also shows us "Muslims" as intolerant and ignorant.
      If you honestly want to stop blasphemy, I suggest you start up a forum, or join one, rally up support in both public and private sectors, arrange for a proper course of action like a lawsuit against the people who hold such events and then see the case through. Additionally you must market yourself in such a way that it changes the way others look at Islam.
      It is because of narrow minded people like you and these judges and lawyers that Islam in today's world is considered a terrorist religion and people think of EVERY single muslim as a mad extremist…

      • well haroon i would say you are just hunting for a excuse, Islam is peaceful religion its not Muslim its just US ISRAEL and their allies who are portraying Islam as… as far as you are bringing fb as mean of communication with your friends and family there are so many other ways ( phone, email, Skype, other social sites) far better then fb, you are supporting fb as it is established as a good brand in market.you are being hypocrite and let me tell you its common in Muslim that there are always black sheep's and now a days there are present in form of enlightened moderate Muslim, but remember its history from MIR SADIQ to MIR JAFFER their women were first one to be snatched when they betrayed TIPU sultan muslim history is full of such acts, you need to wake up why dont you try making some forum against US or ISRAEL then you will see how many days your that forum will last on net then come to this page and comment back. look at the DR ABDUL DADIR khair your eyes are shut in modernisation you are blind cant see things happening around.

      • wel said mr haroon u in abroad na n want 2 get connect ed wid ur family thn tm apne family ko bhi abroad bulla lo.agar ma tmara baap ko gali do tou kaisa laga ga?phir tm mujay ya batana ka agar koi MUHAMMAD(S.W.A) ki shaan ma gustakhi kara tou hm kaisa kamoosh rhy………just thnik.

    • Well said Waqas, Lets ban TV channels and mobile phones as well because they are spreading obscenity through their programs and Text message and even better we ban Items that we import from countries that own such websites. Lets ban medical technology as well because it is coming out of these countries. Lets isolate ourselves because our religion seems to be so frail that it is threatened by Facebook. People used to enjoy life before TV and mobile phones and actually people had fun in there life without the latest technologies. So LET US BAN

  5. What the hell with our people they are going to ban those websites where the lots of dollars are coming in Pakistan. They have to ban "PORN"…But i think these people want decline of Pakistan….ahhh

  6. Dear God, not again! Why can't they just block access to that specific page that is displaying this so called objectionable material? More than three quarters of the population, myself included, wasn't even aware of the existence of such a contest. I can bet that there are underlying political reasons, and not religious motives, behind this move. Screw the government. The only reason they are doing this is because they don't want any of us to have freedom of speech. It's about time we effing did something about this. How about an online petition that we could all sign?

  7. I beg to differ as far as the Honorable Justice is concerned…he is one of the best of the lot we have in the LHC and is a knowledgeable and learned individual…please remember that when such orders are passed, they are done so owing to the Judges being misled by the Counsels appearing before them…so dont blame the Judge always, they are only as good as the assistance they receive from the lawyers!!! am sure the Honorable Judge shall do what is correct once he has the true facts before him, so dont lose hope all!!

    • I agree about the judge part. I know him quite well and have sat in his court proceedings many times.. he is a joy to watch giving out his anecdotes. However the point still remains that he is in the employment of the LHC and at the end of the day must comply with that he is told. No single judge can hand such a ruling effecting the country on such a massive scale without the full backing (and i'm pretty sure initial orders) of the government.

  8. They are just ignorant and uneducated idiots, actually the drawing of prophet (PBUH) is not a new phenomenon. How is it possible that no one tried it before? The answer is, yes. There were so many attempts made in books through the centuries gone by…just search it and you will know… so now we should ban all books and since they are available on the internet… ban Internet… Ban all information sources so we can not know any thing !!!


  9. better to ban fb. u love modern world, and dare not to oppose the blasphemers. to educate muslim ummah is a long term plan. better to educate those ppl who commit such a sin. fb, no doubt, a source of bread for 1000s of ppl.. but u like some money at the stake of ur Prophet's repute?????
    what u want, decision would be urs!!!!!

    • i can see that you still reply on your father's money and dont have to earn anything for yourself or your family. no one is making money against the prophet's repute. it was a group independent of facebook started by some people who don't follow your religion and wanted to enforce a point according to their beliefs. they have a right to it. we have a right to condemn it while accepting their freedom to opinion. facebook allows different people to have different opinions. however, the people who petitioned for the ban of facebook have their own islamic social networking website and are only petitioning in the court so that they can market their own website. What do you think about people using your religion and prophet for their own selfish profits? that is hypocrisy and a much greater insult to the prophet then what some people of other religion would say.

      • i m replying on my own money and m agreed with zohaib.
        its better to ban FB… and usman read fb terms and conditions u'll get ur answer who is doing it…

        Facebook Rules: You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

        • but then why dont they delete this content ??? why they stay silent on this matter… i think they enjoy mostly :@:@:@

          but on other side create an anti christ or page in the favour of hitler…. n this new page will be deleted immediatly… is the fb biased ????

          • there are lots of anti Christian, anti-Christ and so on and no one is banning. Censorship is your main business.

    • you are right shoaib block facebook humay apni har cheez se zada Prophet MOHAMMAD s.a.w.s se piyar hona chaeye block it and never open it until they apologies.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Blocking the website Only in Pakistan is not the right way as our youth earning money by free marketing all over the world no Pakistani or Muslim was in favor of that competition held on 20 MAY 2010 for your kind information their was no such competition in 2011 and have no proves in 2011, their are really more ways to fight against blocking this website will be 100 step back for people of Pakistan to be cut of from the world ,
    i think and i am sure all of us whoz the new generation to Pakistan wont support this only the Mullas who have nothing to do with their lives will support and 99.9 % dose not support MULLAS and their foolish recommendations i CONDEMN THIS AND I AM SURE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HERE WITH ME WILL SUPPORT NOT TO SHUT THE WEBSITE DOWN


    • Our Question is Why not FB Admin control these Programmer. They are supporting and Now the admin of FB face problem. Millions of people cant visit from 6 october.

      If they control that then this not happened…

    • What are u doing About Money??? are u out of your mind bro??? as a muslim dont u believe that Allah Provide Food n shelter??? this is how western countries our brain washing our mind and i am sorry to say that bro.. u are one of them who are becoming their victims….I hope u think and than realise..I was never oppose of this site but dont u think a site which openly insult our Prophet(S.A.W) would be punished?? dont u think if we all pakistani wont use this site than how much lose facebook would get??? one more think for sure… Did not u get their policy ?? they always insult our religious n our culture n than they Say a one word "Sorry"than what they do is that after some time they do the same thing again… They would always be oppose to Islam as it is the religious of Peace n Love.

      • excellent bro f.b should have to b baan in Pakistan
        if we r earning in DA same way we r serving Europeans as well…. some black sheeps want fun so they want f.b

    • honestly i dont even consider u a muslim for what u have saidd u mentioned the word "MULLAHS" and said that they recommend foolish stuff??? what they preach and recommend is Islam the path that leads us too success and to paradise but you dont have time for Islam have you?? you are busy watching porn and using facebook……..

  11. i think this is not there motive.the specific motive of the government is that the afraid of facebook because they have seen egyption protests organised through facebook and social media so they want to block the face book because youth can easily be organised through social media against them

  12. azhar siddique is a part owner in a so called muslim social networking website. He is just another guy trying to use religion for personal gains. The judges at high court are idiots. Think we would need another movement to show these numb nuts that they hold their positions because of our sacrifices.

  13. Dnt worry, ds can't last long. "Where's D Party" (Mirror-As-You-Link) and "Mesh Networking" (all TM of Harvard Law School) coming to the rescue sooner than later!

  14. WTF! That's bullshit. How can they do that. What's wrong with our government? I just don't get it. Sons of b*****

  15. ban google, ban facebook, ban youtube, ban bloggers
    in short cut off your internet connection or visit just our 3rd class govt website
    Govt dont have guts to warn international website
    we need true leadership and system which can show them our power.
    ban on fb is not a solution, its just one in thousands of web

    • Please do not forget great leaders are bring up by the nation. I mean to say jaisee qaum vaisay haakim.

      Stop blaming the govt or system. We people are the govt and system so fix yourself and then talk about something else.

    • i think Facebook should be bane in Pakistan because their administrator is responsible to do that all which is happening at the forum,as a Muslim it is obvious that we love our holy prophet (P,B,U,H).so we should condemn all such sites . if we not do this and use these sites ,many of us knows that on a single click owners earns a lot of money which they use against us .keeping this view in our minds we should not use these sites, by the way its a site for social network not a knowledge building site ,if we not use it we have no harm . but to abrogate it we can give such persons lessons that we are here for our beloved Prophet and we can sacrifice our lives for him with great love .so i appeal to all Muslims not use this site this is our religious duty .may God help us in doing this great task .thanks

  16. If a cartoon threatens your faith, you need to question how strong it was in the first place. Idiots and weak-minded people.

    • bro… Jihad is farz on a person who threat our Beloved Muhammad(S.A.W) our Allah.. think before saying anything Nizam..

    • its not about our faith being weak. its about making a cartoon or drawing images of the Prophet. Its not allowed so we have to accept it as it is. if you want reasons of why its not allowed you should look it up. its nothing to do with having weak faith in the religin. oh and im not saying that facebook should be blocked, im just responding to your comment

  17. Is banning FaceBook the only way to "Islamize" this country? Highly obscene and vulgar Indian culture is openly shown on the cable channels and cinemas. There is no restriction on women's dress code. Music and dance is highly encouraged. And the list goes on… Are these NOT against the Islamic principles? Are these NOT "derogatory" to the Islamic Law and Shariah?

    • Sure they are, but got to start somewhere…. and this is a good platform. Dresses to Maulan Dengue nay shaee keay hayn Lahore waleon kay. Jo kaam on ka baap, bhai or shohor na ker sukay aik machar nay ker diya.. Ab Star TV ker kerlay copy… yaba daba dooo

      • Dear I know that its not the only way….. but it is certainly some of the ways. It can be done in very short time and quickly. So what's harm in doing this????

    • Well said. And not only that, how about our own channels and prominent media personas? The Media is a powerful tool, and we've misused ours terribly.

    • u r right and what about the films and fashion shows which they r doing u should see the latest pictures of LUX STYLE AWARDS and BRIDAL COUTURE WEEK 2010 AND 2011

    • yes… you are right brother but dance,abusive and vulgar language has not offended our religion but those drawings have…presume if someone held a contestant to draw a sketch of your mother.. how would you feel?? and they have done it to our prophet!!! its a shame that we cant even unite on such a serious and religious matter together we should be condemning facebook instead of feeling disgust of it being banned….. if.you are so social,why dont use yahoo,msn,twitter or myspace, huh???

  18. its surprising to see every one representing the so called youth ( who most of the time is playing poker on fb 😉 ) is so hurt by reading the above. Are the youth so dumb , helpless and vulnerable that they cant live without fb… Cant this lathargic youth creat their own social network which is so better than the fb that all the world leaves fb and joins it… i see morons commenting " source of information " … stop being cry babies.. if u call ur self youth , stop shedding tears and make ur own world..

  19. wtf is wrong with these idiots … I mean if they are so religious why haven’t they banned the porn sites … Obviously waching porn is aright but using fb is a sin … PATHETIC !!!

    • oo stupid man….if any body playing with u (draw ur mother's pic or ur fathers pic) what u will do ?? i think u will kill him & when anybody draw our's Muhammad we should sucide before watch it….

  20. The peoples who are defending facebook are not even know the first Kalimah.
    The have no care about our Holly Prophet,s dignity.They only want enjoyment from facebook and tha,s all.
    Shame on these "Muslims"

    • I’m sorry but who are you to judge who is a true ‘Muslim’ and who isn’t. Reading a kalma does not make you a Muslim. The Prophet(PBUH)himself said that first be good person and then namaaz and rozaas and such things will come after. Are you saying that these Mullahs, these so called ‘Muslims’, who rape 3 year old children in there madrasahs are Muslims? Facebook is like many others have said a source of income for many people, in case you didn’t know such ‘pages’ and ‘contests’-providing they actually exist- can be deleted. Why ruin somebody’s income or take away a person’s freedom of speech, or a cut off a person’s only connection to relatives abroad for such a foolish thing? Do you truly believe the Prophet(PBUH) would have approved such a thing? Can’t you see that these so called ‘religious reasons’ are only cover ups to take away our freedom of speech. Besides even if they ban Facebook, Pakistan does not have a well knit security system so the efforts would be useless and people would use other browsers or proxy sites to reach Facebook anyway, rendering their efforts useless. Therefore, banning a site like Facebook, which is extremely useful in this day and age would be useless? Inane remarks like ‘Shame on these “Muslims”‘are neither useful or intelligent. Thank you.

      • Bro.. do u love your freedom or religion ??? consult anyone u would get the same answer that Jihad is farz on those people who insult our beloved Prophet(S.A.W)…and u talked about rape of 3 years old child,bro… tell me something are 5 fingers equal??n my bro.. u knw all the oppsite side of your beloved country and that is boz western people want to split it into two.. which would Never happen INSHALLAH,i think u need to do some reearch on internet check out what these people whome u call right are doing in Gana plelestine n Iran.. forget sake dont are mind washed via media n everything else… i knw its not your mistake its happening with every youngers these days… i dont want u to trust on me just search a little bit n u would love to hear it from themselves ….i knw hasib said something wrong that ppl who are defending facebook would not knw kalima.. but u cannot say that western or facebook is pure… if facebook is so concern about world affairs than they should realise the importance n religious rights of us too.. we cannot everytime be servants of them…INSHALLAH we would work hard to ban facebook completely from pakistan u are right that pakistani are use to do so called "Do number kam"but we would work hard to ban it surely

        Regards bro..
        Thank u

  21. Banning facebook is not a step to deprive Pakistani Youth from being social and restrict access to all-great Social website. But it is to condemn facebook administration that they should respect the dignity of Religions, and should prohibit any activity that go against that.

    Just ask yourself "Is being social more important than the integrity of My Prophet (PBUH) ?"

  22. Personally, I believe your deen should be strong enough NOT to fall to the above pages, activities and their agenda.

    People need to see that Facebook is also GREAT for spreading da’wah and doing good for the global community! My mother spends her entire day sharing inspirational messages of Sufi beliefs and shares many many Ahadith of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam! There are thousands of people who benefit from reading daily Quranic verses or reminders about their faith.

    I run a business via Facebook, and that is the most effective and efficient way to stay in touch with my clients and work family! And I know that everyday, a status or two or even a new design can inspire faith or remind someone about their deen!

    This is really sad and utterly pointless.. not to mention immature. If you want to promote Islam and keep the ‘ill’ away from society, control the civil conditions, eradicate terrorism, condemn night clubs and close down places where you can acquire alcohol!

    • AND… if we are putting forward the love of our Rasool Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam, there’s a lot more we would do first. Invoking hate and turning to the extremes will not lead us anywhere…

      • well we must have to be extreme about islam…. we just dont know anything about islam and we proudly say WE ARE MUSLIM ….
        its the great decision by high court
        inshaALlah fb will be banned soon

  23. WTF IS WITH OUR SHIT COUNTRY?!srsly!! -_- fucking retards rule our pakistan!!if u think fb is making fun of islam then it should get banned in arab countries too!! >:( like Egypt.Syria.Lebannon.Saudi Arabia.U.A.E.Kuwait.Qatar.Oman.Afghanistan.Azerbaijan.Turkey!AREN'T THEY MUSLIM COUNTRIES?!bloody govt…. -_- i want to leave this shit place n live in Egypt…PAKISTAN UR GOVT SUCKS BALLS BIG TIME!!

  24. Great judgment. To start with why doesn't this independent judiciary ban drone attacks? It is easy to ban sites but that is neither here nor there. They should ban TV and radio and newspapers also. Will this make any difference and will the objectionable material disappear from the cyberspace. The court should have ordered the government to fight blasphemous drawings with technology. Mere stopping your own people from using FB will make us an international laughing stock even more.

  25. Hounourable judges,
    Facebook is banned, such steps must be taken , its good and its our moral duty aswell,, but sir kindly tell us what can we do now as we wont be able to create our page on facebook named as we love our Prophet Mohahammad pbuh . What i think we should and we can respond them in that manner also.

  26. I don’t understand how the Pakistan govt can do anything to stop a group of people halfway across the world from doing something. Firstly, It will be taken as a violation of their freedom of speech and secondly, our govt does not have that kind of sway, primarily due to its reputation for sponsoring terrorism next door in Afghanistan.

  27. the government is behind the ban.facebook is one of the source for people like imran khan to interact with his fans and let them know what he’s upto.people only knew abt the dharnaz through facebook as no media coverage was given to them.
    imran khan is popular among youth and majority of the youth use facebook.

  28. why are people not curious about their religion rather than being worried about socialising and bla bla…there are other social networks..like twitter etc…
    if facebook owners are showing up…give them a show … religion is the foremost

  29. and the government continues to act like the big loser that it is, instead of really doing sth about this issue they’re banning the whole site. If they do this i suggest them to go and cry to their moma’s too.

    Oh and yes, when they are done with the crying scene,they should do sth about the porn sites too.

  30. Acha hay ker do bund….. YIs qom ko jo bhe dhung ke cheez do oss ka ghalat istamal nikal layte hay….
    Lets take the first step and the go to the next one…

  31. what a bunch of morons! If the court is doing something according to countrys constitution whats your pain with that!!!?

  32. OK. Here's the thing. It was never about our faith being dependent on the pictures that are published. It is never about the fact to cut off wages of people who are earning through fB. It is about the Respect of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. And shutting down Facebook and other servers is not the only solution. If you want to do something, do it wholly. Ban trade and cultural relations with all those countries who disrespected the Holy Prophet SAW. Then come to facebook. The main purpose is to teach them a lesson and sabotage those resources of their GDP for which they're depndent on us and the who Muslim Ummah. I don really think if KSA or other Muslim countries have ordered for a ban on facebook and such. So, something needs to be done which is not a cause of loss to us and does not profit them either.

    On the other hand, ban PORN-SITES asap, if you want to ban something at all…

  33. Shame, shame, shame on the Lahore High Court for banning Facebook. What do they think, that facebook is the root of all evil? What a joke!! Were things all hunky dory before facebook arrived in this so-called Land of the Pure? These Mullahs should go live in caves and shun all forms of progress and technology, instead of foisting their "Dark Ages" beliefs on free-thinking and open-minded individuals !! The government should wake up from its overextended slumber and get cracking before we all become a nation of beards and burkas !!

  34. I agree that facebook should be blocked in Pakistan if it is pointing Islam. But what about the Porn sites??? Pornography is allowed but not Facebook. There are lots of pages in which we get Islamic Info. but what is on porn sites just Zana???

  35. how blocking Facebook in Pakistan only can prevent them from doing what they are doing??? if Muslims are hampered to see these caricatures what difference does it make… u know about it and u r helpless… they r organized… they are instigating anger in Muslims to state them as Extremists through these new technologies…. abandoning the technology like an ostrich isn’t a solution… we have to learn these technologies and get control of them…. we shudnt do the same mistakes wht our forefathers did whn British were here in subcintinent… the abhorrence towards new technologies is the main cause of our current situation…

  36. Firstly y do you people need facebook.. To play games? Y r u fighting for it like that. And is facebook the only way by which u can earn ur living.. Is there no other work to do? Ur arguments arent good enough. And y do u criticise mullah. They are not the only corrupt. Its we who want them to be the imams cuz we people wont take the responsibility for that.

  37. This is how you promote such events by making a heap out if it. It should be ignored at all. What is this? Stone age? I think they should ban the "INTERNET" in Pakistan then too, as you can find loads of such hatred material against Islam. This just makes no sense. If it is to be dealt with a proper way, then approach the American in a diplomatic and protest to the full extent like all free, democratic, self-esteemed nations do. From buying weapons from them to watching porn all day on internet, and then banning Facebook, doesn't make you good Muslim you assholes…!!

  38. A country formed with wrong objectives and failed principles can never go beyond it's self created shackles.. I pity pakistan and it's people !! Is there anything this country has contributed to the world …. apart from fundamentalism and terrorism ? what a shame really…. vulgar indian culture ? What culture do you have in Pakistan or for that matter any Islamic country ? AK-47 ? Burqha ? Long beard ….? 🙂 bunch of uncivilized hypocrats …

    • yes hijab, beard and other things we have and we are proud of it…
      yes we are extremism about islam and we are proud of it.
      we are in this world not to competing with anyone but to do good deeds for the world hereafter .. how can u understand what and who we are… if u dare then read quran i bet u'll accept islam before u complete reading it ..

  39. First tell them to block pornographic sites first. They’re banning this, but not banning porn which has harmed Muslims the most. I think they need to set up their priorities.

  40. i have read all comments. and i found them crazy .. how can u guys even say that fb is right and the judicial and muslim ulma’s are wrong…. and about earning money with FB …so i think its haram… the site which is regularly doing these stupid deeds must deserve banned in Pakistan and why u guys dont grow up….Pakistan have its own social networks try to promote them … i think u guys learnt every thing except Islam… what will you guys answer on the day of judgement when Allah Ask what u did for me and for my prophets?

    i think u all say we were seeing insult on FB about them

    what that sucking thing it is…. FB IS JUST A SHIT… Keep it up Judicial . M with You and many youth like me with you…. you ROCKS!!!!

    • Yeah and my cousins who live abroad live specially join pakistani social networking just for me , well what ever Im already on g+ it's a matter of time before all of us are

  41. Assalam o aliakum ap sb sad kiun hain? apni chez promote kia kerain be Pakistani Promote Pakistani 🙂

    For alternative of Facebook in Pakistan Join you Own Pakistani Social Networking Community [Social Network]


  42. Assalam o aliakum ap sb sad kiun hain? apni chez promote kia kerain be Pakistani Promote Pakistani 🙂
    For alternative of Facebook in Pakistan Join you Own Pakistani Social Networking Community [Social Network]


  43. the thing is that there children are all outside the country living their lives on our taxes…. so they dont care what ever happens to the youth of this country as they dont have vested interest in the future of Pakistan except filling their coffers and subjugating us their whims…… atleast chinese and koreans are open about their intentions….

  44. Respect for Prophet Muhammad (utmost peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is prior to us than any thing in the world, as it pleases Allah.

  45. i think!! that whats court of pakistan is doing is the rightt thing but i m ashmed of having country felows like u all who didnt think that the PROPHET (SAWW) name iss mentioned at many places but tthey are keep on barking :/

  46. They should not block facebook
    But if they do
    some thing to be happy about in this sad country

  47. there are many things which must be their priority then fb e.g porn sites they should be completely banned!.. why are they always after facebook?, just because it spreads the fact in matter of couple of minutes throughout the youth i think there are much more serious issues to work on .. as pakistan have been reported to be the largest contributor towards development of porn industry!

  48. Guys! when we would learn not to follow 'suni-sunai-batein' and take sometime to dig-out the real story before commenting. I did a little search on this topic and found out that 'LHC has ordered to ban only specific URLs/fan pages that contain blasphemous content and not the whole Facebook'.

  49. We are ruling by the government who sold their self-esteem and self respect. They don’t have enough guts to look into eye-to eye and ask them to stop all this bullshit. Hillary Clinton urged governments to do more to defend religious freedom; they release a report citing eight countries with troubling records on the issue. Pakistan is in the watch list. Who the hell they talk like this, Pakistan has even more freedom than France, but unfortunately France is not in the List. They should stop first our TV channels and New channel broadcasting Indian programs and news with so proud. Blocking Facebook is not the solution. Block all Indian programs, Banned Americans interference and implement Islamic law and Shara after than you can claim to block facebook .

    We are hypocrite Nation; we have moral beliefs but we behave in a way which we want to shows and want people to appreciate us. Sham on us 

  50. I am sorry to hear this I hope it isnt true!! I hope that aall is well. I am from America and I am converting! so I dont see how it is affecting teligion if anything it is changing how we think as fat as whatsoever right.

  51. I am sorry to hear this I hope it isnt true!! I hope that all is well. am from America and I am converting! so I dont see how it is affecting religion

  52. shutting a thing is not a solution to anything? Lets take e.g like cz of a childs birth of illegal sex its like banding sex only ? ? Huh? Haha.. Thats what u empty heads r doing.. So much anger on americans? Who are aiding us? Stop taking their orders,aid,funds n everythng? Y band 1 thng which is the only reliance and our way of interaction?

    This issue should be resolved by combination of all muslim states together and than compelling them to look into dis matter..
    Plz get BRAINS ! ! 😀

  53. if they are trying to bann facebook just because ov holy prophet's issue…thn wht they r doing daily?????they use to insult our religion daily in many wayz….so thy dun hv right to do such a things……

  54. Censorship is a terrible idea. The drawing contest to which they refer was likely started by a handful of immature idiots, not the creators of Facebook themselves. Some Pakistanis use Facebook as a way to stay in touch with loved ones in other countries, because they know that phone service leaves a lot to be desired.
    Once they've blocked Facebook, what's next? How long until the high court decides that only its own version of websites will be allowed?

  55. In my opinion, if we ban the site we are giving the haters, the awful people making these caricatures the attention they want. By ignoring them and not reacting to it, they will no longer be able to derive satisfaction from hurting other people through these caricatures.

  56. Facebook Pages should be blocked they're offensive and PORN
    but not Facebook and other important websites,
    pakistan needs to be educated and connected to the modern world to improve it's status!
    THAT doesn't mean ignoring ISLAM as well, we need to remember ALLAh too

  57. I am an america citizen and I think this is crazy…..how can they take away the only freedoms that you all have? I will be losing many great friends and the love of my life if this happens… It is not about religion or race on facebook it is about finding friends, making connections that would not otherwise be made. I oppose to this descision! Mujhe samjh nahin aa raha ….inshallah my dear friends

  58. @ Emil Jones Samuel :- Correct your statisitcs, Its not South Korea which has limited access from rest of the world, Its North Korea.
    And Another thing, What Western countries are doing is nothing different in this aspect. Is'nt people is USA unaware of lots of fact, Itsnt the media doing black out for any noble cause done by Muslim world and showed them all as terrorist. Look we are not against freedom of expression but If you dont believe in freedom of Expression, how you expect same from us. For Instance why not let people has open debate on holocaust..
    Grow up and then ask others to follow as awell

  59. I think they should ban the digital content instead of blocking the whole website. When UAE can filter the digital content for their people then why not Pakistani Govt can do the same. I surely agree with the people, facebook is the source of income for lots of people and it is contributing in Pakistan’s economy as well. The solution is not banning the whole website, it is better to ban the blasphemous content as an immediate action.

  60. i have e a question , the people are so speaking for facebook, did they ever rise against insult of our religion….?? every1 is behind money..we Muslims have given nonmuslims the free hand on the name of modernization, oh sorry westernization,we are being westernized.. dear muslims,bread and better is not in the hand of any human being it is in the hand of Allah Pak.. so don't worry for your earnings and secondly, it is our right to at least protest against them. and blocking facebook is a protest. …if any muslim had done anything against westerns religion , he surely had been hanged out for this.. nonmuslims are more united than we musluims and we want just money. one of my sister said is banning facebook only way to islamize this country?? my dear sister all steps can never be taken at same time..this is only one step.. our media is not showing our culture if we cannot stop that then atleast we should stop watching that..do it.start it on individual level.. western countries are developing fast, high in technology…and we muslims are busy in just their social networking website, for fun and for money… is this the way to develop our country??…. is facebook helping us advancing in technology……? think , what we are in origin , and what we are doing?

  61. I will not say any thing about Face Book…
    But I will say about those who are abusing Mullahs… When you or your family member die, you will go to Mullahs for Bath & Funeral Prayers… At that time , why you dont go to Modern Peoples (Modern World) Why?????? At last you need Mullah…. Why????????

  62. F**ktards need to get a life, dont feel like wasting more words on old fools such as those mentioned in the article!

  63. A paper must be submitted to the higher authorities and to those who know something about the usage and benefit of Social media (Facebook / Twitter), on the benefits of Social Media and especially about the economic impact on the Pakistani entrepreneurs / IT Sector/ SMEs through their usage.
    This is going to be a disaster if this is banned in Pakistan….as our FLOOD RELIEF Drives and other social welfare activities and fund raises are also done through Facebook and Twitter.
    Let's pray that they start paying heed to this important aspect.

  64. it is good that facebook is going to block… Allah will give us earning not the facebook. This is the first step to block non religious activity in Pakistan… InshaAllah all the shamefull material will be out of this country. After then we can be a true muslim. If you love Prophet (SAW) then u must be happy.

  65. @@ Abusing Mullahs: – Mullahs are also part and parcel of the society. As the society gets corrupted, the impact eventually comes to all part of the society but it does not mean that Mullah is faithless.
    They are for sure helping us to know our basis. Please don’t cross the limits in saving worldly stuff. We are all committing SINS but we no need to justify us by saying badly about others.
    And aren’t we getting away from the real topic, do you think that Pakistani Systems also some fundamentalist (one who Islam is totality) to reach highest judicial system and If still some one reach there, can he/she act in isolation. ? There are lots of question that we need to ask you.
    Face book is making billions of dollars annually and it won’t make any difference to them but all dear Friend then what other way you want us to use. Is it Extremism to opt yourself out. ?? Wake Up, This is just a transition place, we believe in After Death and real life starts there

  66. Jo b ha Fb ban honi chahye , jab mazhab ki bat ha hmaray nabi ki bat ha to isay ban hona he chahye, or jo bhai yahan say earn kartay hain un k lye ye pegam ha k wo log b thay jo apnay gur ka sara saman la k Nabi k kadmo mai rakh datay thay, or tm ye thori c earning ni chor saktay,

  67. Guys, theres no need to be pissed so badly, facebook is going down anyways. There's always Google+
    Respects ur privacy better and everything. Go and check it out

  68. There is no point arguing about this matter. In Pakistan no body is going to listen to logic this country is ruled by lunatics. So please download and install Expat shield(Search Google) and get a UK IP address easily to access facebook with out any problem what so ever. Please like this message so that it goes up in the comment list here and more people can use facebook uninterruptedly.

    ANYONE who is busy arguing here against facebook shouldnt be here

    you love the country you love islam then go out and help people in the real world dont just sit here and argue pointlessly!

    if u really were a real muslim you wouldnt sit here and argue for no reason you'd be on a jaye namaz or infront of a Quran not worrying or caring about what anyone says and you would be keeping your faith strong


  70. If face book makes fun of our religion and Prophet (P B U H) then it should be banned in Muslim countries world wide. No matter what

  71. DEAR SIR, I respect highcourt orders facebook is disturbing the muslims.facebook supports the persons who are against ISLAM.few weeks ago aperson named IBRAHAM THAKUR(ABZ Thakur)made a page mohammad,ihe prophet of terror. we are muslims and lover of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH)and cant bear it so it should be ban in Pakistan

  72. shame on u to say that its the reason to cut bread nd butter of peope.u BELIVE on face book and not BELIVE on ALLAH.SO SHAME ON U AS A MUSLIM

  73. Love to see this. Our people especially young generation know nothing about the religion or quaran o hadith but they do know lots about FB. Its not about mullahs it is about your identity as a nation. Listen people we do not grow with FB. People quoting reference from the FB instead from any aqwaal e zareen or quran o hadith.

    Our nation want to copy the western culture and people. Please do not forget before you look or copy them make sure we do have our basic necessities in our country (water electricity) then it is the next step to become modern in our clothing and brand culture.

    I will request all of you to be a proud Pakistani and show this to the whole world.

    God Bless Pakistan.

    • I am so impress with your thinking this is totally true bro… 100 % right I hope Our Generation Realise of the mindwashing of them via western side…

  74. Ban FACEBOOK but Y???
    This will only result in showing that we have weak faith in ISLAM , also it will result in major loss of our country and increase the stress level of THE NATION.
    This is not the correct solution. Why should we just ban it why shouldn't we all STAND UNITED and show these people that we are "MUSLIMS" and no one can harm us in any manner.

    • I would ask this same question from u?? can u leave your family for the nation ?? will u go for Jihad for your religion n leave your family??? the answer would be NO difinitely from your side so be calm n we are not banning facebook only we would work hard to ban all those sites or oppose all those ppl who are theatening Islam…..

      dont u knw that Jihad is Farz on those ppl who insult our religion ?? our Beloved Prophet(S.A.W)??? n than they say Sorry and do the same thing again

  75. Infact government is not going to block face book far reason prophet Muhammad cartoons but now a days videos against democracy and in favour of shariah are shared and they are so realistic and eye opening that Government is afraid that people can wakeup and can demand shariah.

  76. One right step. All crappy minded people here claiming not to block facebook give priority to facebook on Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Millions of users from Pakistan will stop using facebook and as previously reported Iran also banned facebook. That made users of facebook from 50 crores to 42 crores. Atleast we can show our hatred like this…

  77. I think people should stop being extremist. Everyone has their own opinions. and being a facebook user, i havent heard of such an event as yet. and being a Muslim, even if i did,i will not open that link.
    Those stupid "justice" people are trying to block facebook for some reason, while there is a whole sex trade going on in our "fabulous" country. thats not even allowed in Islam, get you butts off the sofas and Put a stop to that first.

    • I warm heartedly agree with u.. but we are not talking here about corruption,crimes or anything else we are talking about our religion??? dont u want to punish those who opposed Islam from its Birth?

  78. shame on u cheif justic lahore on such kknda decission …this is not the way to block favebook ..is pakistan is that much islami country ..why they not taking action about their minters even they didnt kno QALLMA ..why chief didnt taking action about diamond mmarket ..shame on u cheif justuc lahore

  79. Why dont we Pakistani start living in the stone age? FaceBook is a open plat form for all some one like me making money and socializing. I think they better ban the internet in Pakistan just so people dont connect to the outer world.. People are certainly getting more into knowing where the world lies today. So don't let us excel please ban internet somehow..

    I think there is big need of changing our judges "50 Years+" who just use internet for pornography and such searches. Doesn't know what internet is all about and most probably they believe thats what facebook is also all about.

  80. plz dont block facebook, google, youtube etc just block the pages which cause insultng,
    we r student and internet is our need plz, we r going to cutoff frow world and information

  81. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't do this…………………………………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  82. i think this is a good decision because people are addicted to fb.If they come back frm the toilet they set it as a status.I think this society needs a break frm telling everything to the whole world!!! I support this decision.

  83. lol … fucking losers… first you guys suck on allah the dick .. now suck on facebook 😛 😛 Islam is a fucking joke ! bwahahahahhaha

    • MY bro..Addy I agree with your comment but bro… think of something that everything have a gradual change u cannot change the world once and for all,once facebook is banned than gradually we would Work on These anti Muslims sites too which are misguiding our Mulim Brothers

  84. This is such a load of crap. Every time someone puts something up on line, these idiotic lawyers start jumping up and down like monkeys and throwing petitions and complaints around.

    Every one has a right to say whatever they want and banning it in a Muslim country does NO good. These idiots act like they've been given some authority to act stupid. None of the other Muslim nations are going crazy over it. If a few pictures can make them question their faith, then it wasnt much to begin with.

    Maybe they should contact Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani and ask a question. http://www.facebook.com/mmtaqiusmani

  85. shame on you ppls… very disapointed to read majority's comments… think abt it .. R U really MUSLIMS ???

  86. i think money is not imp than our beloved prophet(p.b.u.h) n fb shud b band permanently so that no1 else commits such an act…lets give them a lesson…rasool ALLAH par jaan b qurban meri…

  87. nooooooooooooooooooooooo this cant happined i hav many frends plzzzz plzzzz i cant live without it plzzzzzzzzzz we r humans man

    • ahaha my bro.. we everyone things that we cannot live without it.. but it is Satan which guide u like this… he keep on telling u that u cannot live without it so stop it from banning but cannot u realise the bad and stupid stuff happening on facebook these days?? n SECONDLY,i hope u would definitely love your religion than your friends

  88. We live in a global online community. If you live in America and someone blasphemes against Holy Prophet, will you leave America and move to Pakistan where blasphemy is totally banned? NO. Running away or stifling satire will not stop it from the world, unless some extremist psycho man think of destroying the whole world all-together in the judgment against blasphemy.
    Take cool water, have common sense and learn tolerance, even if your elders do not have it.

    • my Bro.. i respect your comment but I would like to tell u something that ISlam is the religion of peace we are not here to destroy the world but to live here n live according to Shariat…did u forget when western countries threatened our Beloved Prophet(S.A.W)…do u love facebook more or Allah n His Prophet(SAW)?

      • Love means to give and forgive. What is surprising is that we should love God more than any prophet, but we kill on blasphemy on prophets but let our heroes blaspheme against God! If you want shariah, then first kill the readers of Allama Iqbal when he says it:
        "My craze will not slumber in The Day of Judgment.
        Either I will tear my garment or The Garment of God"
        "Ghaafil na rahay gaa mehshar mein junoon mera
        Yaa apna girebaan chaak yaa daaman e yazdaan chaak"
        His book Complaint (Shikwa) is one example of blasphemy against God that Pakistanis do.
        But I forgive them and so does My God.

  89. As Salam-o-Alaikum,I agree with some of the comments in this topic that banning facebook is not the only solution but u people should think of the way facebook is threatening our religion plus social life,what are we actually doing on facebook??posting stupid comments which are of no use at all to us just waste of time.Secondly,they are threatening islam by making fun of it,Thirdly,what are u ppl doing on facebook??? watchin on facebook some girls picture and enjoying it ??do Islam allow us ???is it a right think ??? making friends or adding those girls who u think are pretty or somehow broad minded?? u add them and start chatting with them without realising that they are also sisters of someone ??? do Islam all us to do this ??i would agree u all if u can give simple answer to my simple question,that cannot we learn or prove knowledge to someone on facebook??? sites like facebook are made to comment on stupid posts ?? or we should learn something from it to prosper ???This is how Pakistan can prosper by commenting on foolish comments and adding some events picture ???need your sincere replies


    • There I will agree with you. If we come on facebook for satisfying our desires of flesh, then we will see evil and be captivated by it. God save us and not lead us into temptation.

    • Love means to give and forgive. What is surprising is that we should love God more than any prophet, but we kill on blasphemy on prophets but let our heroes blaspheme against God! If you want shariah, then first kill the readers of Allama Iqbal when he says it:
      "My craze will not slumber in The Day of Judgment.
      Either I will tear my garment or The Garment of God"
      "Ghaafil na rahay gaa mehshar mein junoon mera
      Yaa apna girebaan chaak yaa daaman e yazdaan chaak"
      His book Complaint (Shikwa) is one example of blasphemy against God that Pakistanis do.
      But I forgive them and so does My God.

  90. U guyz no need to banned facebook cz facebook is also gd u can meet ur old frewns but delete ppl who is saying bad thngs about Islam delete those pages tht have drawings of our prophet aand ALLAH !!!! But pLssss PAKITSTANI HAVE SOME BRAIN DUN GO AGAINST ISLAM IF NOT YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY WILL BE LYK HELL !!! thinkkkkkkkk ppl THINKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk use ur BIG GIANT BRAIN THT ALLAH give uuuu

  91. While I'm not pro-Facebook, blocking the site will not stop anti-Islamic thinking across the world or even lessen 'Islam-o-phobia' for that matter.

    It will merely serve as an 'ostrich' tactic, for burying our heads in the sand to try and ignore the reality of things is not a rational approach. While it may lessen agitation, it is necessary that the government of Pakistan takes more conducive measures to illustrate the actual Islamic ideology in the face of propaganda , by actually focusing on the image of Pakistan being presented abroad by our media, for instance.

    Look at how the current active media portrays Pakistan, and then decide whether or not to block FB. Act sanely, people.

  92. the government is behind the ban.facebook is one of the source for people like imran khan to interact with his fans and let them know what he's upto.people only knew abt the dharnaz through facebook as no media coverage was given to them.

    imran khan is popular among youth and majority of the youth use facebook.

  93. agr fb bnd krny sy koi faida ha inko tou kr dain…itna late q karain gy bnd aj he kr dain….. fir v hna kch b nai hai….

  94. It's totally nonsense to think that blocking Facebook will halt the young generation from using Facebook… OK, challenge to all IT experts! Block Facebook, I'll still be updating my status on daily bases and posting and commenting, liking and poking on Facebook.


  96. Screw it .. do something constructive regarding pakistan, they better work on solving other cases that are pending from years :/
    Huh so called caring for youth ..

  97. agreed,no need of fb in Pakistan,even it is also ban in china.they are making fun of our Prophet (S.A.W) and at this page pplz r hyper y it is ban we should compete them but HOW????at fb they can make hatered or fun pages at our religion,Prophet but we can’t make at holy cast (JEWS)or any body can’t support Hitler y???(i alredy tried this 3/4 times from d/f accounts and same times they throw mw out from fb).i support it

  98. I agree with the people who say it shouldnt be banned because even though we d love our prophet and are true to our relegion.. The fact that this ban is going to affect badly, the lives of the people who are earning their living through facebook, isnt right.. I mean sure these compititions should be friwned upon.. But i beleive that whoever has a strong heart and is totally loyal to islam wont be affected by these competitions..!

  99. This is the worst government .They cant even think of blocking a single page instead of the whole social network to which it is associated.Besides international contacts many peoples business will be affected.The reason might be growing number of people who admit the truth that this government has been poorly managing the country as well as because some certain people do not want to keep people aware of whats happening in the politics….in short to hide who's who n what is what.

    • It's called a website! Make one and I'm the international business will survive! It wasn't the dark ages before Facebook you know!

  100. not again do this ….plz ban that pages where these activities are to be performed….lots of us are not femilair with that pages where these activiteis performed…sso we reqst to our respected jugdes plz dnt deprive us from interaction to latest technologeis…through facebook we learn alots of thng…and interact with alots of experts simultaniously….so we appeall that please dnt ban face book in pakistan….

  101. everybody has to b wake up n face the challenges like that it is not a solution 2 run away … i don’t understand wat kind of a solution is that … totally rubbish .. stop ruining PAKISTAN … !!!

  102. Court never noticed that Pakistan Telecom is allowing many Porn sites, and many other sites holding many things against Islam….

    I’m just laughing at them

  103. its an amazing step against facebook…its not just organizing this kind ov stuff but also it is devastating our youth…( as they spend all the time on fb..n making unnecessary bad friend etc..)…So i salute this step…May Allah bless us all…

  104. Why dont they block & ban all the Porn-sites like Saudi Arabia ………less Pakistanis would end up jerking off.

    Is Porn Halal enough for Pakistani Muslims ??????? Isn't it Haraam ?????

    this is something which should be done first , at least our youth will be safer without it.

    there must be a Political reason behind this ……..since when our Government started caring for Islam.

  105. Banning facebook is not you can say that they are trying to islamize pakistan. It is absolutely true that we don't want this website banned but it is equally true that we don't have guts to fight against the competitions held on this social networking website. in my opinion, it is the wise decision that is going to be taken by the Pakistani courts. and about the people who are earning money from facebook; how were they supposed to earn money before facebook? Please get out of limited circles and think about the promise that Allah has made about the bread n butter we are very concerned about.

  106. thats the most important step .. we should banned it bcz every youngster is wasting his/her all time because of facebook … and wht dy get in the end is just ways to get ill-mannered

  107. it is good to ban Facebook because first we follow the religion then we do other things, I totally appreciate this order because it is good for Muslims.

  108. NO money or anything else can come infront of Islamic issues, so open your eyes look in your heart what you saying, f***** the money if there is no islam then there is nothing even no identity for yourself………for god sake watch your step before talking this kind things about islam.

  109. if facebook do not stop such event than it shud b banned permonantly. we cant compromise about our religion….

  110. who said that this decision is wrong by high court….I think they are shia, if they are muslim they dont say any thing about this decision…..but they dont know the value of our MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W…..

  111. aaj hamara emaan itna kamzoor hay kay hum FB koo rizk dena wali hasti samaj chukay haain ( Astagfirullah ) For all those IT developers who make money or manage their households via fb – pls pressurise fb not to play with the feelings of the muslims -RIZK ka Wadda ALLAH nay kiya hay aur jab aap uss par apna emaan kamil kar doo gay tu FB khud tumhara ghar ki delheez par akay tu say bheek maangay gi IN SHA ALLAH …

  112. if they really love islam that just hack those pages not to ban on fb dude… because dont forget there are also too many page that trying to spread Islam… man this is all bullshit… fb is a place where we can talk to our relatives and friends yara its not fair

  113. to al my brothers & sisters, Assalam u Alaikum!

    banning Facebook IS NOT the idea here! the idea is to learn & respect our moral,religious values! the site is being closed mainly bcoz of the issue concerning the blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)..
    they are not banning it solely on the issue either, it hinders alot of privacy & alot of US govt officials TRACK one down,due to this.. ur private information, each & everything you write on Facebook, is disclosed!
    unfortunately, not ONE of u is seeing eye-to-eye! so what if Facebook finishes??? is it the end of the world or is repecting our religion & ourselves is more important? those who are doing business through this website, should be reminded that this is NOT the site to do it, ur doing it illegally,but then what wud u know of business. why dont u go pay up & by yourself a website & start from there???
    illogical FINGERS towards the Mullahs is seriously blasphemous!WATCH YOUR MOUTHS! if its someone to blame,its you people! how dare you guys blame the Mullahs for this kind of behavior by the Govt. its absolutely insane,that just because ones "kamai" is hindered due to someone else's fault?? WAKE THE HELL UP!

    YES, this i CAN & WILL agree upon that the Mullahs are NOT entirely angels either, but so are we! what the hell have we done for our country?other then bitch & moan upon others comments! only ^ FARYAL had the sense to at least say the indian channels should be banned too,& rightfully the dancing & singing part too!!

    its not about being isolated,believe me, with all the ruckus of technology, no one gets left behind. its only a matter of push,how far you push yourself to do the unthinkable. why cant we Pakistanis make our own social networking website? or to say our own channels? wo to koi karta he nahe & u blame others..

    if facebook gets banned, il be more then happy, because it has in particular made me weak & lazy & in general the populace,retarded,so as to speak! its only a matter of time,that ul be asking for food to be brought to your bed. how shameful!

    banning Facebook will lead to nothing but absolute ridicule from the critics, but for the understanding people, its a relief! tons & tons of hours are wasted on the website, on which you do nothing but gossip, which is severly forbidden in Islam.tons & tons of muslim girls SHOW themselves for the sake of gaining popularity.

    there is always a good & bad. facebook only gave two things, friendship & privacy. the rest, we all do ourselves. if we concentrate on these two things alone, we can achieve the two points through other mediums, like telephone, msgs, letters etc etc, the once known as humbled golden age of respect!

    tsk tsk tsk… such is the nature of the comments here, that it is a shame that a majority have blamed it on one group & removed the other aspects,leading to this ban. such is the nature of our humitlity that we bring bread b4 respect.such is the nature of these comments that we bring individual groups before religion & such is the nature of these comments that we speculate on mere atrocious remarks then prove it otherwise!

    wake up oh Muslim Ummah, this world,is but a deceiver & a big one it is too!the dajjals time is coming & we dont Facebook or bloody text messages to save our selves from these filthy political hypocrites,the greedy & the kaffirs & do what IS right & just & only for your Allah & His religion & His Messenger! what you make of as rightful is a mere illusion & will be snatched from you. adhere to the sayings & teachings of The Qur'an & Sunnah & kasam khuda ki, u wont need anything & anyone else!

    my personal message to all, please, dont make this an issue, there are ways to bridge yourselves between relationships & just chit-chat corners! Facebook has done alot of good, but it has done worse. please note that it all comes down to this " whos side are you on" & i hope, that al of u, even the who commented here, KNOW whos aide ur on!

    may Allah bring peace to Pakistan & its individuals & restore balance & faith, just like Muhammad (p.b.u.h) did & just like Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) did for Islam.

    Wassalam u Alaikum Warahmat Ullahe Wabaraka Tuhu

    Fi Aman Allah

    (* if anyone found this comment prejudiced or biased or un-comforting in whatsoever manner, please,im truly a human, & make errors,so please forgive me)

  114. @affan alam:- can u tell me how someone can make money throgh facebook. if so then how much. and this is not more important from our beloved PROPHET. wesy be muslims degarde he ho rahy hain facebook pay (no offense)
    but there are like hundred more way and websites through which we can preach islam. this is not the only plate form ….

  115. What???????????????? blocking facebook these bloody retard judges influenced by incompetent rulers are again after facebook
    what difference will it make hiding your heads like an ostrich in sand or closing your eyes will not change the things.
    this means isolating us from the rest of the world and we should condemn this bloody decision of bloody judges
    these bloody Hypocrite mulas among whom the rich ones children are living in the same their declared anti islamic america having affair with american women and having a luxurious life there and teaching pakistanis about islam

  116. i certainly agree. my friend runs a business through fb and thats the only way of income for them. why do this ? the more solid thing to be done is to educate the muslim ummah and make it strong to compete with the enemies of islam.closing our eyes to this website or others wont do any good!

  117. I am an indian-muslim but I agree with what that Pakistani Governor said =D because facebook has a lot of bad remarks about Islam that no one can tolerate ..its better to get out of dirt =D then to listen to such trash about Islam.

  118. Pakistani to bhagore hain, kabhi nhn lar sakte..
    71 main bangladesh chhor ker bhaag ayee yeh bhagori qoum.
    aur apne aap ko musalman kehte hain.. Israel is muchh better than Pakistan.

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  120. ohhhhhh wat the hell is this………..
    wat our govt. doing why he hell is thay doing so..someone plz help them…

  121. I dont see how it is smart. Infact it would be incredibly dumb. Walking away is the only thing that they know of. Thats what they did when they started Khilafat movement. Bunch of fools!

  122. haha wht will happen even if they close it ppl can still go to facebook and can open it through indirect websites and lnks and many ppl are making money and doing jobs on facebook and its their way to live life these judges just spend luxurious lives by them self but they dont know the agonies of paki ppl

  123. Won't say much cuz i'm still young for such talks but this isn't correct what they are doing banning facebook in Pakistan olnly won't stop the acts due to which they are banning the website. I recommend they should think over it again.

  124. what THE heLL !!what THE heLL !!

    They must try to solve other issues rather thaN facEBOOK !!!!!

    Creepers !

    tHEY MUST BLOCK those IMModesT pages not the whOLE site damned !

  125. exactly. blocking such sites wouldnt change the people who r against islam. it will only damage people’s business and their living. im against such decision.

  126. Yess.. !! Block this Facebook.. We Pakistani will create our own site like facebook.. no need to follow there site anymore.. well sorry to all.. but instead of using their social network let them use our.. and hum unka facebook use nahi karenge to marr nahi jayenge.. and regarding the marketing ppl SEO etc they are already using google and other resources for it.. and also Block all other Porn sites in pakistan..

  127. this probably not good to blame the facebook. well if the judge is keen want to do some thing for the relligon of islam then .should block the prone site in pakistan…this kinda silly thing to do…

  128. With all due respect… I think everyone who's against this decision is probably preferring FACEBOOK over Religion… I'm a facebook user myself but i strongly condemn what is happening in there against ISLAM… They call it freedom of speech…but they will never tolerate if we say something against them… those americans are planning to attack our nation and some people still want to use their social networking sight?? Is there any dignity left in us or not?? Being a MUSLIM & being a PAKISTANI… I truly appreciate the decision made by High Court…

  129. Whats facebook?????
    just sth 2 waste ur time….. Although some are earning money through advertisements, yet they can still do it in other ways….. but blasphemy of Prophet (PBUH)…. no comments…..

    Can't u live without facebook????
    What fb can give someone, except some who may contact his relatives or friends, which he can still do using any other source, e.g. Google talk etc.

    Thats just a good decision and should be praised……….

  130. whan the close the f b after i used twitter or other site f b closed every time 4 ever it is the vast of time see under most































    wast ur time

  131. it is a good decision ..face book must be bloked because it is made for a purpose to destroy the faith of muslims..so my coment is that it is going quite better for muslims..

  132. all of you time wasters must be happy that you get rid of some thing which gives no output. all of you remember now that people are earning through facebook but you forget what they made of our religion. shame on you all. nothing else. better you and hit your head in the wall rather than updating your status that you are in bathroom.How many of you have religious pages on facebook. all of you poondi lovers wasting time on facebook

  133. The way they are handeling this issue is hopeless and they dont have any idea about the situation…. They should resolve this issue by mind not by their feelings…. Pakistan`s Politicians and others are just nothing… they get their fake certificated and get into Politics all are bullshit…And i object on this matter…

  134. We people are just too Nero minded to view things in our own ways and concerned about our own smart asses.

    No one stops you from using technology or pushing you back in stone age. Think beyond ourselves and at national level.

    There are logical reason behind this decision and we should support the government

    1- By banning face book a message is given to US that we are united
    2- We respect our identity as Pakistani and as Muslims
    3- we can launch our own social website and facilitate many to make their bread
    4- We are saying no to America and giving them a strong message that only america is not superpower and we are not less than it.
    5- Incidents have been reported where they have used data from Facebook and monitored activities for there own good
    6- Many agents when caught were who reveled that they have transferred information
    using face book innocently.

    So support your government ……

  135. that is very good news that facebook is going to block only because of facebook muslims boys became very bad i didn't like it and i will never like and boys and girls talking and girls is showing her face it is very big crime in islam

  136. a very good step by judges… we have our relegion more important than this facebook…today students who r the future of this country are spendiing there lot of tym at this facebook…i honour the decision of judges…its should be banned permanately…u all are the facebook lovers..not ur future lovers nd country lover or even a muslim…this is the place whr ur PROPHET (SAAW) in insulted…nd u facebook lovers abusing the judges….take a example of china whr it is today jsut because this tym wasting facebook is banned there….

  137. Yar i am very upset i dont wan pakistan to close facebook becouse y many off gfs are frm there. Although it takes high calling cost frm india to pak cant even call her so bad………..:(

  138. plzzz.. don’t do this.. coa this is the only way we communicate with my friends there..
    I’m not agree about this..

  139. and what’s the main reason y the government will banned the FB in pakistan.. i don’t understand that.!!!!

  140. So all of you are saying that in this modren world it is ok to insult Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
    Shame on all of you I dont belive you people are muslims.
    We cannot stop them by force to do such things but atleast we can ban such websites.










  142. The focus is not FB, if any1 reading this comment is a Muslim then he/she must have utmost respect for our Holy PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALAHO ELAIHI WA"ALAIHI WASALLUM) in his heart and his actions should reflect it too. If FB is contesting such a contest which would add hatred and could even possibly lead to killings and things of these kinds.
    No one has the right to to do such an immoral act such as drawing the pictures. Nothing has more value than our religion ISLAM. And as far as social networking is concerned, there are many other websites and furthermore if you think you cannot live without FB, even though they disgraced our Holy PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SALLALAHO ELAIHI WA"ALAIHI WASALLUM) then you should change your religion or you should migrate to another country where FB is not banned.

    Choice is yours !

  143. "locking access to the facebook site in order to save feelings of millions of Muslims"

    wow amazed I surely am that still these "Muslims" are going nuts for Europe.
    I spit and clearly hate such hypocrite behavior of so called "Muslims"….pfff

  144. "no search engine including “Google” would be blocked"
    while its still a dilemma to me that how can these people get to know such blasphemous news….ofc just search engines so better shut 'em off too
    "In order for a healthy peaceful,suicidal,terror-ish stone age Pakistan"

  145. They should not forget that many pages on fb are spreading Islam more than these so-called muslims can! And by banning a website and not retaliating against any act done against Islam we will be giving those non-muslims the chance to do it freely. This petitioner is stupid. All those who support him are stupid!! Just close ur eyes and turn ur backs, is it being muslim? Does that happened in the history of Islam? Does Prophet (p,b.u.h) turned his back when he was threatened by kaafirs. stupid people. and i am sure no fb would be blocked.

  146. I agree with Faryal. If you want to be a complete Muslim, all Pakistani dramas, stage shows, etc etc, should also be banned.

  147. jis court ne ye order diya he uski maa ki ankh bharwe k bacho agar band kiya to pakistan ko aag laga dunga bc k bacho :@

  148. hamain apna mazhab apni jaan se bhi pyaara hai magar yeh koi baat nhi k aap fb ban kerdo ache bure log har jagah per hain aap ka kia khayaal hai k facebook band kerne se woh log sudhar jayenge hamare pyare HAZRAT MOHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) ne har cheez ko face kia unhon ne farar hasil naa ki agar wh is trah faraar hasil kerte to aaj islam nhi hota ……. hum wahan per islam ko defend ker sakte hain…un logon ko nhi pata islam kia hai jab tak hum wahan per explain nhi karainge to yeh cheezain khatam nhi hongi … aur fb per to islam ke bohat ache aur information waley pages bhi hain bohat se log un pages se islam k bare main malumaat hasil kerte hain … aur bohat se muslim ghar aise hain jinko ziada islam k bare main maloom nhi kafi batain jo hamain fb se maloom hui aur hamain pata chala k islam kitna pyaara mazhab hai …. hum fb per sab muslims ko RAMAZAN< EID< HAJJ ki mubarak dete hain …. yeh to bhag ne waali baat hai k ban kerdo agar aap yeh samajhte hain k ban kerne se wh aisa nhi karenge to kerdo ban……but i think k sab pakistan ko iss ban k khilaaf bolna chahiye. thnx

  149. Thats Not Fair to block Fb in pakistan…We Want To Revange From those Who insult Of Holy Prophet (PBUH)…i Requsted To Justice Sh Azmat Saeed That Plx Dont do iT…ThanX

  150. Is banning FB will result into stopping such material on FB and other websites?
    If yes, then ban Pakintanis to visit those countries which publish such material and close high commissions/embassies of those countries in Pakistan.
    Rather we have to spread our point of view through these sites.

  151. fuck Pakistan Judea :@ and polices…. :@ what they hel they all doing :@ go and catch Zardari son of a bitch :@ then Block facebook :@ my Dick u block facebook:@ you block facebook at pakistan then i will hack what ever i want :@

  152. Why can't they just block access to that specific page that is displaying this so called objectionable material? More than three quarters of the population, myself included, wasn't even aware of the existence of such a contest. I can bet that there are underlying political reasons, and not religious motives, behind this move. Screw the government. The only reason they are doing this is because they don't want any of us to have freedom of speech. It's about time we effing did something about this. How about an online petition that we could all sign?

  153. FB will not banned. Write my these comments in your "Golden Book". These all people are culprits.

  154. everyone just please tell me only one thing

    If any source of media exposed your family in a wrong way, would u like to everyone vsist that source again and again and discuss and or you will start protesting against that.

    • protesting against it means "facing it" not blocking and anyway all Muslims are not living in Pakistan btw!! neither will it have any effect on the non-mulsims. they will do it more happily coz they will have less muslims who will say anything against it. Try facing the bad things and making them stop not just closing ur eyes

  155. Dair aey drust aey….. Who the hell is making money from FB? han? if they can make from Fb they can also make from other sources… Why dont you people see the hatred FB is spreading? Dont make lame excuses? judge of a high court is a very honourable person and u they streetboy can not make such remarks about them… how often you offer your prayers? talking about the eternity of facebook… If they dont respect our religion… they can go to HELL….

  156. our goverment is feared from america that's why
    why they not blocked such rubbish sites(porn site) because whatever amerca says our govermnt acept it i hate my goverment a strongly disagree

  157. My neighbor had a blasphemous telephone call! Let's ban the phone system! Isn't your faith more important than being able to do business on the phone?

    I received a blasphemous letter! Shut down the post office! Isn't your faith more important than being able to send and receive mail?

  158. yaha jo logo sy comunicate krny ka ik zariya hai wo tou band ho jaye ga.nd baki jo is mulk may ghlt kam ho rahay hai os par courts khamosh hai.waaah yeh hai insaf logo k sath.

  159. Why no action against porn sites???? WHy????? there are hell of websites, why focusing on only one? N taking about HAtred ? very rite go block FaceBook but along with all damn porn sites

  160. wt the fuck thy people r….
    blocking fb iz nt solve problems nd the thng on whch basis thy filed petition iz nt new…
    mullah wherez yr mind..world goes forward nd thy pull us backward…nd on faryal if there iz no restrictions on women dress thn thtz nt cable problems thz iz nt time u talk abut people see all world cultures,traditions nd one thng blockng all thz therez no chnge brind dear.people only dis heart nd wt u talking abut islamic law nd shariah u follow it???

  161. wow ban fb and not the vulgar channels? the porn sites? and the list goes on…all you in favor are ignorant! fb is being used by so many people to spread Islam plus run away from kaafirs and give them the open chance to do anything, wow this is ur love for Islam!!! and those in favor are hypocrites coz they are using fb too and when it will be banned they will switch to google plus, myspace, twitter etc etc!! at least be honest with urself! don't just go and post comments here in favor of the blockage to feel very "nice"

  162. Lolz , all comments are in favour of FB, why do u all think that FB will be blocked and we all would be isolated from the world, is it the only medium thru which u r connected to the rest of the world….
    OH common , use ur brains…why the hell we are supporting those who support the insult of our religion and our Holy Prophet PBUH??????????????
    its a big question and nobody likes to think on it,

  163. because our politicians have also been criticized a lot on fb this could also be the reason for banning fb….

  164. i think mostly young youth apna time waste kr rhe ha facebook per…..or wasy b Jaha per hamry Nabi Hazart Muhammad ke toheen ke gai ho…..to waha say aub dollers aya ya jo kuch merzi aya…..mujy to acha nhi lagay ga….

  165. um deeply hurt by the majority of comments
    all the ppl trying 2 find lamb excuses 2 satisfy their inner souls
    but deep inside ourselves we all know that using fb is wrong after that horrible competition of may 2010.
    freedom of expression give me a break face book violated its own policy when thousands of muslims around the globe reported against that abusive page n they didnt took any action against it n if isolating 4rm the world is ur excuse then fb is not the only social networking website in the world there are many others
    u guys luv fb more than ur Prophet SAWW but dont forget
    on dooms day we have 2 present our faces not facebook in front of ALLAH almighty .
    what we u say when ALLAH will ask u that what u did for the respect of NABI SAWW????????
    i get it u will present all the above mentioned stupid reasons so what u ppl think all these r gonna work then????

  166. All of this is bullshit look what’s happening to the country…fix that first then worry about other shit…if they really want to stop criticism they would end up blocking access to the Internet…

  167. How can one earn money buy selling reputation of PROPHET (PBUH). Facebook is the best ground worldwide to insult ISLAM & Muslims, sooner we realize better for us. we should not comprise shutting facebook down because drawing of pictures of Holy PROPHET (PBUH) is completely HARAM. Muslims are weak today, because they don't have knowledge about ISLAM that's why i see majority of the comments are not in favor of shutting down facebook. But they actually they do not fear ALLAH & they Just care about there bread & butter in term of dollars. In this world ALLAH may not punish them but be ready for the day of JUDGMENT.

  168. honestly pakistan is just plain stupid. even if they block it in pk it wont stop them from doing all this. we just wont be able to see it. and if someone's "feelings" are getting hurt by all of this then they should stop going on FB. no ones forcing you to watch these things. instead of ruining it for everyone who doesnt give a crap, the people who's feelings are getting hurt should just stop using it. coz like i said, even if they ban it the people who are hosting these competitions and pictures wont stop. just coz we wont be able to see it doesnt mean it wont be happening. and again muslims arent that far from them. we derogate other religions. its ok when we do it but when its americans its all torches and pitchforks.
    you dont like what theyre doing, dont watch it. no ones forcing you to do it. you have a problem try to STOP it. hiding it from the effected public wont do you any good

  169. i hav no any issue. if court is blocking facebook then its a lame excuse that they want us cut from world. whole world doesnt revolve around facebook only. information can be availed by search engines.

  170. ARE u ALL MUSLIMS??? How can you ppl Tolerate the insult of Holy Prophet (PBUH) … SHAME ON YOU . Govt. is Taking a Good step towards Blocking Face Book.

  171. they shud first try to control indian channels being telecast on our land then think abut blocking Facebook!
    do they even know FaceBook has helped lots of people in self establishment through pages for selling products nd so on…

  172. this is totally RIDICULOUS!!!….y don't the stupid officials understand that facebook is the only platform where pak nation is being united!!
    no fb user had ever known about Draw Muhammad Day (nauzubillah) until the media and the PTA started to tell about it,,,,

  173. Just reply me 1 question the page I made for my religion….. and I could show u best pages that I had never seen b4 n I m becoming so practical and I would say court have kicked their hard work……… 🙁

    I was starting Tafseer good very good…… I was spreading ALLAH's and Muhammad (S.A.W) msgs….. and my dream is vanished!!!

    • jst tel me 1 question if someone give u 1 beautiful house for prayers and speading ALLAH n MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) msgs and on other side they insult MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) and start such kind of pictures competition…..what u do? kia fb hi reh gai ha is duniya ma ap k khawab poray krne k liay

  174. good step….. this fb has put all the youth away from education. The employees even been noticed using fb during their working hours, the permanent ban on facebook is encouraged

  175. I think hiding our head in the sand doesn't make any difference! We can do something against that if it is in access!! But who can make them understand!!!

  176. yes block it so that our youth know the Islamic value and our girls stop dating with they guys and stop sharing the pictures over facebook and stop cheating their parents.
    We want it to be blocked. This has ruined our culture, our moral values and all the things. We sit all the time on internet forgetting prayers, parents everything. we have forgotten our social lives. we do not play games, we do not go to mosque for prayer. we are just addicted to it. Good decision. I will also recommend that all network providers increase messaging cost per msg to 5rupees and call 100 rupees per minute and finish all the packages. Also cable providers should block the indian movie channels and darama channels. The time was best when it was only PTV. We are not understanding that our next 20 generations are being ruined because of all this. Money is nothing in front on demoralized culture values.

  177. simple exmple for fb lovers……"if facebook start a ———…….. pictures competition of ur mother and father and owner of facebook are also involved. after that you insist to use facebook for fun then you are a pathetic and mentally sick people"…….
    go and f..k urself

  178. 4 din nai hoay tm choozon ko apne andon se niklay or ab beth k bol rahay ho k ISLAM aesa ha wesa ha…tm log jitna marzi mumy dady or open mind bn jao pr tm log history change nai kr saktay….history to apne ap ko revise kr rai ha bs kch diff tareeqay se or is dafa ganday andon ma hmari young generation ha jinko apni chadi change krni ni ati pr fb use krni ati ha….Christians k kisi pop ko or jews k holocaust k baray ma kch keh k dekho tmhara hashar kia krtay hain wo or tm se aik boycott nai hosaka lanat ha……or jo china ki baat krtay hain to un k liay arz ha k unki apni social network sites itni hain k unhain fb ki zaroorat hi nai ha isi waja se wo aik nation hain….

  179. dude i soo wana say is nt to block fb keep away frm dxe stupid pages moreover i heard ix dat fb is nt being blocked da things which are blockin r doxe partd pages dats da trth

  180. simple exmple for fb lovers……"if facebook start a ———…….. pictures competition of ur mother and father and owner of facebook are also involved. after that you insist to use facebook for fun then you are a pathetic and mentally sick people"…….

  181. This fucking site must be banned…. You all are just bull shit idiots.
    What do you know about Islam and facebook. Bloody stupid fans of facebook

  182. simple exmple for fb lovers……"if facebook start a ———…….. pictures competition of ur mother and father and owner of facebook are also involved. after that you insist to use facebook for fun then you are a pathetic and mentally sick people"…….go fuck urself

  183. Dear Earners,
    There should be no compromise on values.
    hav u 4got the words of iqbal? That
    “Aey Taaer-e-Lahoti us rizq se mot achi.
    Jis Rizq se aati ho Parwaz me kotahi”
    & the words of Hazrat Ali that “Rizq insan ko aisy dhoondta hy jaisy mot dhoondti hy”*
    & the famous quote that “1 dar band hota hy to 100 khulty hen.”
    I’ve no doubt that thousands of guys would support u but i’m sure millions would support this ban.
    Look at Ridley & the frequency of increasing muslims, in america specially.
    Even after 1400 years, Islam is sustaining, because of its values.

  184. Assalamu alaikum wrwb, I just want to say that, it is the meaning of a Hadees: ” when you see something wrong happening, stop it with your hand, if you’re too weak for that oppose it by your tongue and if u can’t do even that atleast consider it wrong in your heart, third option is the weakest form of Iman.

    So please don’t say that “is ur iman so weak that it cant stand fb”. You don’t go to illegal places to test the strength of your iman, do you?

    Standard of iman has been set by Quran and Hadees.

    Secondly, why abuse Judge or Mullah? They only want to do what is right according to Quran and Hadees. It’s not between you and mulla rather it’s between you and Allah.

    Ask yourselves what would Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam, like.

    Another things brother if you know of similar yet decent sites that will let one do business online please inform your brothers of these options, so that their genuine (halal) needs are met.

    P.S I like the idea of Pak fb.

    Fe amanillah.

  185. u know Guys pakistan Govt and Law both are _____, they are just trying to hide weakness from people and show the power they can do like this, but i do challenge i will use the internet from PTCL if they can block Facebook just do, i will still use coz i know engineers of pakistan.
    another side Govt pretending that , this is Islamic country , if this is Islamic Country then where is Islamic rules ? i can bet our president and some others high positions they don’t know how to offer the pray but beside they showing they are very good muslims and very proud , even they are just not

  186. Actually i will go with da people who are supporting face book to b banned……. at least all da guys who have made many fake accounts to gett pics of girls they will b stopped by blocking fb…dont u want to save ur sisters nd relatives from such **** people?… no body have idea how they use those pics….nd for every ones kind info i would like to share an other thing if some one thinks dat it is safe to upload their pics then gett one thing clear dude all da data is being transferred to america including pics….

  187. Assalamualikum,I hope every one is fine.

    I support ban of fb.

    The pages against Islam and Prophet (S.A.W.W) are the toppest reason n it should be banned.

    But as a younger n student let me tell you other reasons:

    1)All the students which are future of our nation are addicted to it like someone is addicted to drug,they study 1 to 2 hours difficulty and use fb 10 hours.

    2)On fb it is very to make girlfriend and boyfriend then boys or girlz change their friendship in relationship and their mind is ruined n then they do IMMORAL things.Keeping tis in mind..I am asking a question to the people who say that “fb is the way of connection between them (abroad) and their family that ‘CAN THEY BE 100% SURE THAT THEIR CHILDREN AND FAMILY IS SAFE ON FB?ARE THEY SAFE FROM FB”S DESTRUCTION?think…… There are many otherways to contact like you can use skype.

    3)with conditions in which we Pakistanis are now you all are aware.

    We should be get united and rise for revolution if we will not this then our lives will be ruined and we will lost this independence for which 20lakhs muslims sheded their blood.The people which are saying that “They cant live without fb,we are cutting off from modern world” then if u have read Quran that NON MUSLIMS CAN NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND and what we do is make them friend,insult our country n tell them that we will leave this country..WHEN…when we will be a doctor or engineer or when we will have gotten degree.In Quran Allah has clearly said “Allah dont change the condition of a nation until they want”..we say he is bad…he doesnt do anythnp 4 country nd dnt thnk wat v r doing?v say our politicians are nuts if v have guts them v should use nation power.The point is CAN “FB LOVER SITTING ON FB MAKING DAMN PAGES LIKE REVOLUTION IN PAKISTAN AND CHATING SHIT FOR REVOLTION CAN DO GOOD FOR PAKISTAN in REAL????


    What we are doing?and What should we do?

    (If i wrote any translation of ayat wrong then correct it and May Allah forgive me if i did Ameen)

  188. aur jo log rizq k baray mein pareeshan hain tu har daanay par nam likha hua hai rizq dainay walee sirf Allah he ke zaat hai yahan pay mein aik Qurani ayat ka mafhoom biyan kar don (Bismillah hir rahmaan nir raheem)”Aur jin logon nay khuda k siwa aur mabood bana liye hain aur smajhtay hain k woh unkee madad karein gay tu (woh un kee madad nai kar saktay aur) woh (qiyamat)ko unkee fooj bana kar hazir kiye jaein gay”

    Tu jo loog kah rahay hain k fb kee wajah say unhein rizq milta hai tu un logon k liye yeh Lamha_e_fiqriya hai.

  189. FAECBOOK should be banned in all over PAKISTAN…. there is nothing bigger in our life except ALLAH & MUHAMMAD(S.A.W)… our young generation is addicted and thats why they are defending FACEBOOK… FACEBOOK SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. What happened to our youth don't know why they are loving FACEBOOK that much…can't they stop using FACEBOOK for our PROPHET(S.A.W)….???

  191. Plz plz plz….FACEBOOK banned krdijye JUSTICE sahab…..hmary nabi(s.a.w) ne ktni qurbaanyan di….or hum ek website nhe chor skty… laanat hai FACEBOOK py….!!!!!!

  192. You guys are only crazy about facebook. answer my only one question. how much do you guys interact with international comunity on fb??? we only share and interact with those ppl on fb who are our friends in our real life. and someone of us is trying to interact with strangers exclusively it means he is searching for girls and boys just for flirting. no sensible and reasonable man sends requests to unknowns and interacts without any reason with others on fb. also he also has no time to spend his whole day on fb if he is doing some worthwhile. so not loging on to fb will not ruin your lives. you guys are only crying coz you can't leave this crap and so called modernization. better not crying here and do something better. We are Muslims and we will ban and destroy everything which tries to say something rubbish about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Pakistan is an Islamic country and it cant be handed over to a handful so called ultra modern mad ppl.

  193. If this is the only logic that our people are earning money from FB. Please also keep in mind that 10000 times more money is being earned by FB from Pakistan. So you are just getting 10 US$ by spending 10000 US$. I don't understand what the hell people think about. These all here think about the Girl Friends that they are expected to lose in that case.

  194. Dix ixnt da rite Decision……….No Way deY can stop da blaphemous material by onlY banning FB……Dere ix so much more on You Tube n Open internet Webx………..R dey Blind cant dey c Dat stuff 2……!

  195. Sorry Guys !! Last Year Bhi Yeahi Chutyapa Hua Tha Don't You Guys Remember .. Kya Pakistan Only Islamic Country Hai ? Or Sab Log Sorahe Hain … Huzoor Pak Ki Shaan Main Jo Kuch FaceBook Waley Karhe Hain Kya Inki Yeah Taqat Nahi Usko Rukwasakain? Ban Kardena Masley Ka Hall Nahi Hai .. Facebook Key Throw Hum Apne Relatives Se Contact Main Rehte Hain .. Friends Key Saath Contact Rehta Hai But They Never Understand … Aik Mehdood Soch Hai Bas !! Banning Is Not The Solution If They Have Guts Do Some Other Thing Which Is Not Possible !! 🙂 So Enjoy Because Hum Kuch Bhi Nahi Karsakte Kisi Bhi Mamley Main Siwaye Ankhain Or kaan Band Karne Key 🙂

    Mr. Rehman Malik Wants To Block Google And Youtube As Well .. Kya Log Hain Wah !! 😀

  196. this website has no right to insult muslims idial hero and great leader of muslim mohammad peace be upon him.

  197. Yesss.. Block This Bloody FB Forever .. And the good thing is we have already got Google+ better than FB..

  198. FB is a wate of time (i use it all the time) but there is no harm banning it , it is not that kinda help in info stuff huh , so move on guys ur wining wont change any thing start learning g+ 😉


  200. Seriously? Is that the reason why they doing this?! I don't see anything going on like this anywhere and even if there is why the hell do you even are about it? Those assholes will get what they deserve from God anyway. Also Facebook isn't just any website now, people are connected with their famlies worldwide. Not just that, on facebook half of our media and other channels have their pages which will go down as well. If you see that they are making fun of our religion then also look on the other side where people have made pages for Islam and they teach people about Islam. This shows how much of an idiot this government is. Oh and btw they think that facebook is causing all these problem which actually is just an excuse for them to ban facebook nothing else because those people might also be doing all that things on Yahoo, MSN, Orkut, Google Plus, twitter and youtube so why don't you ban them all then?! Why facebook. only??? Heck why don't you just cut the internet from the Pakistan!? That way no one will be able to do anything and just sit on their asses doing nothing! RIGHT! Thats what you want… idiots…

  201. i dnt knw k above 453 ma s ktny comment americaan agents k han with fake id but just one say lanat ha us shaksh pr jo fb ko islam se zyada ahmeat d rha ha…iam nt a mullah or molvi or alim iam a software engineer i told bcz u ppl think k islam ki bat sirf mullah kr rhy han come on ppl thk ha is mulk ma aur be burayan but agr aik acha kam ho rha ha to usy mat roko agr tm log paisy kma rhy ho to wo tmhain wohe ALLAH d rha ha jis k sub se PIARY NABI SAW KI TOHEEEN YE LOG KR RHY HAN plz socho yar hum to apny islam k naam pr mar mitny waly log thy humain kya ho gya m nt saying k ja k jhad kro etc but atleast agr islam k naam p koi acha kam ho rha ha to uski hmayt nahr to mukhalfat be na kro

  202. LHC has ordered to ban only specific URLs/fan pages that contain blasphemous content and not the whole Facebook.

    • OMG yes because today when I logged in my cousins commented on my pics and sent me messages and I was like "wait wasnt fb blocked" nd they sent it to me like 2 hours ago which means it was used today on october 6, so m pretty sre they didnt block the whole fb

      i am soo happy because thats the only was i can talk to my family

      Thanks for the infor though now I know fr sure its not banned

  203. Probably I am the guy who made more and even more $$$ then 100 people have earned through facebook, But I am way tooooooooooo much happy with blocking this f**kn SH**it website, I am social media manager, but I know that these websites are no more social, it's just a plan against Muslim world. Believe me, you will get so much peace when this un-social website is blocked.

  204. I read comments of our youth and felt very shame as a Pakistani that for fb we are standing against our religion and forget the history of PAKISTAN that it was made IN THE ISLAM so we can practice & implement Islam. If any thing contradict to Islam in my opinion it should be Banned. Face Book is tool of Zionist to profile peoples and use it when they need it. Anyone knows who is the owner of fb his name is Mark Zuckerberg and by religion he is JEW. so anything these Zionist doing will be to try implement Dajal system in this world. They already tested it Egypt for your information. We should try to improve ourself as a muslim rather argueing if anyone have an issue to be muslim they can go back to India and do what they like.

  205. when fb was not unvented,ppl were alive n happy and struggling for their bread n butter and were earning it…. so y dying now without fb? rizq Allah deta hai. fb ka positive alternative b day day ga Allah….bharosa hona chaiye bas….but hamari qaum se “taqwa” khatam ho chuka hai.

  206. yar inko gar bathy larky / lakian mil jaty hain is lia f.b se pyar hai
    or jo keh rahy hain k akaly Pakistan my hi nai phir puri dunia my band honi chaiya to unko yeh yad rakhna chaiya k kiamat k din puri dunia nai unko bashkwany ay ge unky ammal hi unly kam ain gy

  207. Banning facebook will only b a strike to remove those drawings
    When fb will go through a big loss they will remove those drawings and fb will be unbanned again ! Just leave facebook for ur prophet (pbuh)

  208. Apeal of a Software Engineer:
    I am a software engineer specialized in Facebook Application Development. I am wondering why the non-sense people are banning facebook. Thousands of people like me are making their living by facebook.

    • yar this is not gud.xahid your rihgt yar facebook k alewa har jeez band how we coonect with people

  209. is it a joke? what is going on there? you don't believe to freedom? you live somewhere else? you are not people like us? shame on you. i don't want to lose my friend from there. for what reason? who desided? you don't care at all for them? it is not fair. i am from greece and i have friends there and i want them in fb. i don't care about your law and your goverment. Try to be civilised and worthy for these people.
    I don't know why are all these. Aren't people? you do not have a soul? see them here in Greece and I respect them. respect them in your country too, your people. why many leave from there? what is the reason? govern better and try to be friendly and kindness in humans except if you think that are animals.

  210. there are hundreds and millions of other adult websites which are never blocked in pakistan are running freely why is the government after facebook..i live in Arabia and they never rise this question about blocking facebook yes but i do know here they have blocked all those websites which contains Marital status..so think guys why the pakistani government is after facebook..

  211. mare kheyal se facebook na sirf pakistan mein balka all word mein banned hone chaheya <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 😀

  212. i agreed with zohaib yasir and Shoaib Orakzai, toheen e Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is a most biggest crime in the whole Islamic World, All Muslims please wakeup and do your part as a Muslim (from heart not only from tongue. we gifted from birth as we born in muslims) not for 4 days universe, Allah the Al-mighty gives you reward for serving Islam against non muslims,

  213. Now Our Government proved again that we r still living a dependent life……. backward people

  214. After reading the comments of the respected fellas I feel ashamed to be a Pakistani as today we prefer facebook over our Holy Prophet (PBUH). You people are the perfect example of corrupt nation. Didn't you ever know that facebook earns trillions from our country in form of clicks. Bagairat Kom. Jaago. Wake up. The Goddam West is producing a caricatures of our beloved Muhammad SAW and you bagaruts are guarding their vested interests.

  215. @anna anastasiadi

    can i talk about Holocaust in western countries. if No, then why i am not free there for talking about what i want to.?

  216. Good day, i am A MEMBER of face book for a long time.i am now on the page for singles and senior people.it ccame under my attention from a lady, lady’s profiles are tagged and was place in a marketing thing my profile foto was tag for this purpose with out my knowledge, some one send me ‘n file with some of the things they want to use it look like recearsurhs for the feature, at first my scanner do not want to except the file, i locate from the images in Windows life, in only one of these was 10 of our ladys foto’s.i took it up with face book becauce the file was send to me by Yahoo messenger by a zimbabier of Nigerian,i complain to some one called Blue Bull he was very rude, This happen a weak ago no-one contacted me, i can see they heched my computer to see how i know surtain things, my scanner worn me,now i plugged my pc total out. Further more i discover ‘n man who is placings some “SPELL” on people, the hazel me a lot becauce i am Christian and my friends to,but first my profile was not quite instal, at that stage i was married and they said i must leave witch not do. There are ‘n lot senior people who is married there,it is really ‘n nice group of friends i have,they took my annoucements off the wall, it maybe so that the do not want the orther people must know it, when i logged in they let my type my particals more than onece in,i notice some surouis fear under the people, they send some one to me to find out what i know,to report back to them, i was in the Police and i am 60 years so i am was a police for more than 30 years i pic up things quigly.so from the ladies complain.i know they use a person who can see in to some-onne’s future. there are verouis beliewers, mostly Christians, but if some ask to be your friend who is not you check and take that person in,This man where i complain said there is nothing wrong with tagging in face book, i accep that but not all over the world, how do you know who tag it for some orther reasons, again, whe have ‘n lot off Nigerians here who pay people for fotos, they maniplate the foto for porn.there is just no one who communicate with us about face book, and no one you can go to.there is also no contact particlals. ‘n mounth ago ‘n young girl from this face book was brutaly murderderd,i do not say it is due to them but by this kind off tagging, and fotos you do not know where it goes,make ‘n person fonruble,sorry but whe have a lot of this from forreness.i am realy lonely and enyou talking to my friends.I DO NOT WANT FACE BOOK TO CLOSED, but there is relly something wrong there. if you got tag in side face book by a friend yes then they let us know.But about his one lady seen ‘n prono video from her and me, but when i went to the web page it said time out contact so and so.It is really like a Mafia there. they team up and hazel you sometimes when i talk to some one they chift my page up and down.i also warn them with the police they dont care and our police is not what it was before so i turn to you. Please keep me annomous or my adress.i do not know where to go and i google this page.i have a norther e-mail adress it is [email protected] the account is on T.B O’Neil my tel nr. 27 012 3337816.i suggest some one must go there and see for him self to reveal what is going on there.Please Help or just give me advise.i do this to prevent murder and a lot off orther things. i know also they have some-one who organize some people for a evenings fun or weakend in warmbath.THIS I DO ,i have proof of a lot of things in my possesion,if the kSnow it is me well the might i shall have a lot off Trouble.Sorry my english is not good i am AQfrikaans speaking.o one day i heart ‘n man told one off the persons there, you have to told the people the asking quistins, it has to do with a space ship,til today i do not understand that and i never see something in that direction was reported. AM REPORTING THIS WITH OUT DAMAGED OF MY WRIGHTS.


  218. Court Descian is right & facebook when promoting others to launch propganda against HOly Prophet(peace Be Upon Him) it should be blocked…I LoVe You Ya Rasulallah…

  219. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually understand what you’re talking approximately! Bookmarked. Please additionally discuss with my web site =). We can have a hyperlink alternate agreement among us

  220. Rather than blocking facebook , that practices a lot more than just revoking religious values, a case should be filed against the perticular drawing contest, since it is a serious violation to Islamix religious values i believe its a feasible and legal option. I am in no way against your decision but one only point is that blocking wouldnt help if your own people are against it. The last thing Pakistani government is want is the hatred of their youth!

  221. well i think so that faebook should be banned as it is a bad addiction and iSlam is also against of any typ of addiction,but evry thng has som negativ as well as positiv aspects it deend upon us how we use it!!!!!!!!!!!!so……….

  222. i think we should be practical thats good decision but they also need to block all the porn sites so that our youth get closer to our religion instead going on dates

  223. Poor Muslims survival is impossible for them without the Facebook !Lets decide to draw some cartoons of their parents .They will definitely come up with a lot abuses for me.Shame on all the Muslims who are still desperate to use the Face book which dares to blaspheme against the most Sacred Personality of the Universe!
    We will all die after a period of ………….. then the facebook account will not help us in any way but our Level of Faith i(n which Love and Reverence for the Prophet( S.A.W) is the most imp aspect )will be questioned .

  224. Wht the hell is ths……….how cn thy do ths….m going to die………….. 🙁

  225. All those american (not the American people's majority) have the free hand to spread hatred against anything (previously it was against the 'bloody niggers', now it is against Islam and Muslims!), and all of us very obediently like them to spread these hatreds. We are against bridling them, true to our slavish nature! I was, am, and would be, always for leashing these so-called social networks. Go on, anyone including the judges, to leash these hate-mongering elements! Go on please!

    Secondly, these social networking is for those country and people who have no family life, no personal interaction life, but only mechanical, robotic and materialistic life. We on the other hand have beautiful social, cultural, personal and family values, which are being destroyed by "american sundies" who are denuding us of our own values and culture! Beware of american sundies in our midst and in our societies!!

  226. udges bend like a reed to these Mullahs and then brag to summon PM to the courts…!cowards,,,who run away to Saudia after giving judgements!

  227. Why don't they understand in the first place that of what people use facebook? These old people sitting in courts ordering a ban on it won't even know how to log in. Alomost all of us use Facebook to stay in touch with our family members, friends and colleagues who are abroad. These so called Mullah's have a problem every time! Facebook isn't bad, at the end of the day it depends upon the individual who uses it. Hope they understand!

  228. shame on the people who are in favour of facebook…i am not a mullah. but still i am in favour of ban on facebook…now dont say that i couldn't use facebook that's why i am saying that..i am an IT Personnel..facebook is insulting our Prophet . S.A.W.W. then facebook and its owner and its followers should go to hell …. what the hell is modernism and u r saying that its against human rights…shame on u guys…

  229. KAm Sy KAm koi WARNiNg Tu DyTy hUmAryy Joo KAm rUkHY PArHy HAin fB Pr Woo Ab KAisy hOgYyy Plz DOO SoMe tHiNKk

  230. hUmAY Bht KAm StUdy Sy rELAteD HA Plz Doo SoMe ThInG Nd wHAt wAs ThE ProBlEM WiTh Fb CAn U Tell MeE

  231. I think government took this right step for blocking Facebook in Pakistan. Pakistani Courts have been hijacked by Mullahs. I think they don't know the technology in modern world now people easily open the Facebook by proxy sites and people using it.

  232. Facebook everybody does not have to have a Facebook its not for everyone….i have a facebook amd iam on their and all i see is people puting their personal life on their people do the most on FACEBOOk i feal like you cant sit up here and put your whole life story on Facebook especialy if its unessary their are good and bads about facebook…. buts like anyother socilwebsite its not for people to be disrepectful curse and arguing on facebook infront of 2 milion friends or more.. if your muture enough you watch what you say approiciate pictures and no too explicit cussing then okay but its sooo much more cyber bulling makeing pages about how ugly or how this person is tramp or he or she go stds its not funny… thats no what facebook is for but thats how some people make it to be

  233. Pehla youtube aur ab Fb Saudi Arabia abi thak dunno nhe banned hai ….. Sab sa bara Muslim Country na bi nhe bandd kiya hai aur idr saraaa hai ….

  234. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!


  236. great decision has been made by Pakistani court.I strongly condemn the jews who were doing such type of bad jobs.

  237. Pakistan is an Islamic country and its laws do not allow activities that are "un-Islamic" or "blasphemous".

  238. Apart from all…. one thing is sure……..we can't ignore the both sides and we can't stop the views coming from both directions, either in the favor of the decision or against. That's natural, people have always 2 sided debate. But let me mention a mid-way, why can't we just go 4 patience for a while, no doubt that is what is hard to observe but literally, none of the social media pressure caused FB 2 be banned and neither any pressure that is being created here by some so called open-minders, can undo that ban because we people here can just think about having a freedom of speech but unfortunately by some means, we have lost those grounds; required to guide our speech itself. We have considered our freedom in the bowl of just speech irrespective of getting the reality from where the speech is being generated_ the Mind, caught by some ignorance, lack of training and values poured. Thus, what I can do is to be happy for what is decided at last, just because that is at least a action, a motion that I haven't even dare to do but that naturally came around. I am with my Country, and the People, that's what ISLAM taught me. Stay Blessed!

  239. what the hell is govt doing.they r blocking all
    the sites which r source of information
    after utube facebook is also blocked.we r
    already considered a backward country
    it is due to lack ofsources.instead of paying
    heed to other seroius issues govt is showing
    more concern to social media .in this way we
    can,t progress.uffffff this is disguisting………

  240. Facebook was half of my social life without it I feel incomplete this really unfair to kids my age.

  241. facebook ki jaga islamicbook honi chiya jis pa only muslim hn……………..

  242. pakistani govt can block any thing as they did block you tube, but atleast govt need to block fb bcz its create problems in pakistan, govt need strick action to block it

  243. face book creating problems only in the third world, it bring revolution in the first world, many big brand in the first world using face book to improve their companies ,, but it create problems in our society , because we have nothing to do ,

  244. banning youtube not a good option, govt have to put a ban on some items, which is not air on you tube. i think this is the easy solution .

  245. Allah's Apostle said, 'If you believe in God the Almighty so that you have the right to rely on that provision is for the birds, which thus provided. Setting forth the morning empty stomach and back fill the evening. (Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah).
    رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم نے فرمایا: اگر تم اللہ تعالیٰ پر اسی طرح بھروسہ کرو جیسا کہ اس پر بھروسہ کرنے کا حق ہے تو تمہیں اس طرح رزق دیا جائے جس طرح پرندوں کو رزق دیا جاتا ہے۔ صبح خالی پیٹ نکلتے ہیں اور شام کو پیٹ بھر کر واپس پلٹتے ہیں۔ (مسند احمد، ترمذی، ابن ماجہ )۔

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