Morality forgotten


Since some time, there are political plays being telecast on all channels and media sources. They are very awful examples of our individual and group character and are setting in trends which would have serious repercussions on morality of future generations. All principles of morality and ethics are forgotten which make people understand the difference between right and wrong and help to make decisions objectively. The utmost concern is to avoid to the maximum to harm others.

The conscience is always there giving warning signals to be careful about what we say and do. Rules of ethics and morality are for everyone irrespective of religion and cultures. It develops maturity in cultures leading to healthy societies and strong nation. Where are we heading today with all the new episodes of degrading overselves and the nation? Who is going to come forward and show some respect to the rights of others?

Respect and dignity of the nation is always a priority, and the damage once done cannot be repaired or reversed. If there is any sincerity, honesty and respect for the nation, think about the moral values and ethics which are a part of our personalities, culture and society.