Haqqani network is a threat to all: Munter


US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said all peace-loving people of the region should unite to fight against the Haqqani network that poses threat not only to the US and its allies but also to Pakistan and Afghanistan.
In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan on Friday, the ambassador said the recent attack on the US embassy in Kabul was carried out by the Haqqani network and “we will not allow this to happen again”. He said it must be stopped and Pakistan and the US should work together especially in the area of intelligence to defeat elements that were their common enemies.
Asked about safe havens on the other side of the Durand Line from where attacks were carried out inside the Pakistani territory, Munter said, “We should identify all such elements and fight them together. We need to pursue them wherever they are.” To a question about Pakistan-US relations, Munter said the countries were witnessing a tough time but hoped that the two could work together to resolve he issues for their common good.
He said there were many commonalities like counter-terrorism efforts and cooperation in overcoming Pakistan’s energy crisis.