48 policemen deployed for VVIPs security called back


The Lahore Police on Friday called back about 48 excessive security personnel deployed for the protection of VVIPs including bureaucrats, on the orders of Punjab IG, sources told Pakistan Today. Excessive policemen had been deployed to protect various retired and in service officers and “important people” under death threats.
Seven cars and almost 50 policemen have reported back to the police headquarters, while according to police sources, 500 policemen have been served with notices to report back to the police headquarters. According to the figures, a total of nine policemen have been extracted from former DIG Nasir Khosa and Baaqir Shah, one from the state office, two from WAPDA security and one from IT security have been summoned by the police administration.
Other than this three men from a bureaucrat, Javed Mohiuddin, three from Federal Secretary Salman Siddique, one from former IG Major (r) Ziauddin, four from Pakistan cricket team wicketkeeper Zulqurnain Haidar and one from Religious Affairs Additional Secretary Arshad Bhatti have been taken back by the police department.
Furthermore, one man has been taken back from a bureaucrat, Kamran Rasool, three from Punjab Food Minister Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor and one from former Punjab chief secretary Javiad Mehmood. Headquarters SP Athar Waheed while talking to Pakistan Today said that the Punjab Police was focusing on utilising the police force more on the general public’s security.
He said that excessive policemen were being called back by the police administration on the orders of the Punjab IG. He aid that the police force was being cut down by a formula devised by the IG. “Policemen were deployed to protect four sorts of people: civil service officers, police officers, politicians and the people under some kind of a threat,” said Athar. Moreover he said that policemen who were suspended or were off duty were also being called in and shall be trained and deployed with police stations.
While answering a question, the SP said that about 45 policemen had returned back to the headquarters with seven cars and more were expect to report with in a few days. The Lahore Police, on Thursday, also directed officers of Punjab and Lahore police to return extra vehicles to their parent departments including Punjab and Lahore police, while ordering to stop issuing fuel (petrol or diesel) to 48 vehicles under the use of different top cops other than sanctioned strength of the official vehicles.
The officers, to whom Lahore Police stopped issuing fuel, include DIG Investigation Punjab Mustafa Ramday, Jahanzaib Barki, Rana Maqbool, Additional Inspector General Raffique Hassan Butt, CRO SP, VVIP security SP, Mujahid SP Romail Akram, CIA SP Umer Virak, six SP’s of the Lahore Police’s Operations Wing, four SP’s of Lahore Police’s Investigations Wing, SP Sarfaraz Virak, Headquarter DIG Aslam Tareen, RPO Sargodha Rao Sardar Ali and former CCPO Pervaiz Rathore.