White Lies


We hear that it has finally dawned on the Tehreek-e-Insaaf founder Imran Khan that he may be the most liked and trusted political figure in Pakistan but he needs to recruit “winner candidates” if he intends to get any where near the hilltop in Islamabad.

Word has it that Imran is now busy trying to pick up members where ever he sees a likeable group or a breakaway from another party. One fat cat who has made his way into Imran’s books is a former Q-League provincial minister from Punjab. This one was famed for his Midas touch in the real estate business and was associated with a housing society now taken over by DHA.

There were many tales about the fabulous wealth he had accumulated but his political career came to an abrupt halt with President Musharraf’s departure. Some said he had sunk his money in the emirates and was keeping a low profile. Not quite. Word has it that he has resurfaced and donated an enormous sum to Imran with promise of more to follow.

And what is this about Q-League breakaways that attracts Imran. We hear that another former Q League minister who has a sugar and dairy industry and a number of Q League dissidents are heading toward Imran who we may add is ready with open arms to welcome them. Now we may just land up with old Q League wine in new bottles with the glossy Imran Khan label. Will that formula sell?

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We hear that the PPP notables love to crack jokes about the Speaker Punjab Assembly and his love for the Governor House. They never miss an occasion to pass snide remarks on how swiftly the Punjab speaker moves into the mansion on becoming acting governor. Some have even timed it for the record.

However it seems the current occupant is even more obsessed by the colonial residence. Word has it that guv had a few sleepless nights on hearing the Punjab CM’s declaration that he will be asked to vacate this address and move to a less ostentatious residence, in the GOR maybe. It did not stop there. The guv has rallied his party support and is determined to resist the move. Maybe he should recruit the Speaker to this cause.

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