‘Liver transplant can be performed as planned surgery’


Living donor liver transplant was the best option for liver transplant patients in Asian countries like Pakistan and India, said HPB Surgery Global Hospital and Health City Transplant Unit Chairman Professor Dr Mohamed Rela, India while delivering a lecture on “Living Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT)” arranged by Liver Transplant Program, Shifa International Hospital.
Dr Rela, associated with King’s College Hospital (KCH), London, United Kingdom for last 20 years as professor of transplant and HPB surgery, while highlighting the advantages of LDLT or living-related liver transplant (LRLT), said it was an elective surgery in which there were no chances of waiting list mortality. “The transplant can be performed as planned surgery; therefore the patient may avoid a long period on a waiting list and undergoes the procedure in a better physical condition,” he further said.
He said that it was possible to transplant patients who were sick in the LDLT option. “Graft function is very good in LDLT,” he said, adding, “the superior quality of the graft may also contribute to a lesser incidence of postoperative complications, which means a reduction in hospital stay duration of up to 50 percent and a lower cost.
Dr Rela is one of the internationally leading surgeons in liver transplantation and has his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the liver transplantation of a five-day-old baby in London. He has so far done more than 1,500 transplants.
“The longest survival is 36 years post-transplant,” the doctor informed. He told the participants about the requirements for LDLT, categorically stating that liver transplantation, liver resection expertise, split liver experience and pediatric transplant procedure were much needed addition to the infrastructure and training and high volume centres.
He said Shifa International Hospital (SIH) was fortunate as Liver Transplantation Associate Consultant Dr Faisal Saud Dar, his student at KCH was an expert in performing LDLT. He maintained that SIH had all the necessary equipment for LDLT and extended his full support to it for performing living donor liver transplantation in the future. He agreed surgeons, nurses and technicians would be trained at the Global Hospital in Chennai for LDLT. Later, Dr Rela visited different facilities at SIH for liver transplantation and was presented with a souvenir by Manzoor H Qazi.
SIH Medical Director Dr Qazi, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Head of Gastroenterology and LTP Dr Najmul Hassan Shah, Liver Transplantation Associate Consultant Dr Faisal Saud Dar, Consultant gastroenterologist Dr Nasir Khokhar, Principal Shifa College of Medicine Maj. General (r) Dr Mohammad Aslam, Consultant Nephrologist Dr Nayer Mahmud, Consultant Radiation Oncologist Dr Saleem Khan and a large number of other consultants, senior physicians, surgeons and medical students from Rawalpindi and Islamabad attended the lecture.


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  2. A good appraisal of the prevailing situation by Javed Akram and points out the glaring deficiencies in the system in vogue in the health services locally in Lahore.

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