Karachi operation may fail


So far the PPP government is obviously not serious to conduct a surgical operation in the troubled city of Karachi. The Federal Interior Minister Rahman Malik seems busy in protecting an ethnic group of Karachi who is openly and overwhelmingly involved in target killings of innocent people in large number for the past more than 20 years. He issuing controversial statements like that which claims all political parties have militant wings but he is unwilling to tell the people which party is responsible to kill 98 percent innocent people in Karachi. It is a pity that except the PPP government, everyone knows who is behind the large scale target killings in Karachi.

Further, ex-Federal Minister Babar Awan has told the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Karachi that the PPP government would resolve all issues through dialogue whereas one justice of the Supreme Court had rightly asked him to explain as to how they would conduct dialogue with the target killers.

So far, the areas which are generally known as hubs of terrorist activities belonging to the said ethnic group have not even been touched. Now the government has stated that special powers given to Rangers are limited to 90 days only. Thus, the government wants to pass the time without hitting hard on terrorists belonging to the said ethnic group.

If the PPP government has no courage or capability to conduct impartial operation, it is better to discontinue the same as there is no benefit in earning a bad name unnecessarily.




  1. Making ethnically racist accusation against one ethnic group is highly irrisponsible.
    Stating 98% as a fact just flys in the face of intelligent discussion.
    Grow up and see that all groups are involve some way or another…Government is the power behind this feul of rage.

    Learn to live and let live…stop the accusations that are meaningless.
    Banana republic type of article

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