Set our driver free in 72 hours, Khattaks warn Wazir tribesmen


Khattak Ittehad (KI) set a 72 hour deadline to release a kidnapped driver and his car and threatened that the Khattak tribe would arrest members of the Wazir tribe, the kidnapping tribe, if the deadline passes. The decision was taken in an emergency meeting of the KI on Thursday at Karak with Captain (Retd) Ahmad Jan in the chair. They said a few days ago Alamsheeri resident Mohibullah was booked for traveling by members of a tribe of Domail Wazir to Bannu but later he was kidnapped along with his car. The meeting said the accused Bakhtiar had kidnapped Mohibullah and complained Domail police was not registering the FIR of the affected family. The meeting formed a committee headed by Bahader Ustad, Muhammad Wali Zahid, Noor Muhammad and Isam Jan to negotiate with the Wazir tribe for the safe and early recovery of the kidnapped and set a 72 hours deadline to ensure his release.
They decided they would arrest members of the Wazir tribe from the Indus highway if the deadline passes. They expressed grievances over shifting of the office of PESCO Karak from the district headquarters to deserted areas. They said the shifting of offices should be with the consent of the Khattak tribe. The meeting added that Khattak tribe should not be divided throught shifting the offices and decided to raise the issue with the Commissioner Kohat Anees Ahmad Khan in a schedule meeting with the elders of KI at Karak circuit house on Friday.