Kidnapping for ransom


My friend, a businessman from Peshawar, had gone to Bara, FATA to purchase a machine that was being sold there in a factory. They were stopped by LI (Mangal Bagh) men on 25th Ramadan and taken to their hideout. There these businessmen were interrogated to see if they were part of police or army. When they realised that they were not related to police or army or America, they were locked in a room for five days with little food and water. After eight days, the businessman paid a ransom amount of 29 lakh before letting them go.

Mangal Bagh and LI have been known to be supported by the agencies. These organisations are full of illiterate idiots who kidnap people and kill people for no good reason. The ransom is used to purchase more weapons to make them even more dangerous.

Strange that Bara is located right next to the provincial capital, Peshawar and till date no one has taken care of the Mangal Bagh (LI) issue, which has been pending for over four years now. When will the police, ISI or MI take action against these terrorists? In 2050?




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