2 more dengue patients die in Lahore, toll reaches 20


Dengue fever claimed two more lives in Lahore that has increased the toll to twenty on Thursday. A staff member of the Mayo Hospital lost his life after suffering from dengue whereas the number of dengue patients is constantly rising in Lahore hospitals.
Patients are facing difficulties in getting admitted to the hospitals and obtaining platelets that are necessary to treat patients suffering from dengue. This is due to the fact that the number of patients is constantly increasing in the city. However, doctors said that not every fever turns into dengue and it can only be ascertained after specific blood screening.
Patients having symptoms of Dengue are being admitted to the hospitals while rest with the fever complaints are sent back home. Dengue symptoms include lower level of blood platelets, high fever, red spots on body and vomiting.


  1. Attention:Shahbaz Sharif-Nawaz Sharif—urgent
    There may be weakness in handling 'dengu' but Punjab government is still doing its maxim. But I notice daily that one TV anchor of Lahore based TV channel and its anchor Luqman spouting poison against Punjab government to please PPP-Z,MQM ,ML-Choudries in special. In this race GEO-also joined in its 8pm programme to appease PPP-Zardari,MQM ,ML-Choudries to point finger of failures which till i switched over to another channel Raja ,opposition leader of PPP-Zardari-Punjab.Almost every TV channel dare not point MQM of their recent target killings in Karachi and instead spinned every thing possible to prove their innocence and must attack Shahbaz Sharif-MLN as venomously as possible. Even MQMwalas after Karachi TV anchors saved them from theit bloodbaths recent or earlier are now making political exploitation of ‘Dengu’in Punjab as if they could deliver everything excepting target killings of thousands and bathakhori of billions in Karachi .It is this party,ANP,PPPZ who after thousands have killed in Karachi now want to get over the ‘telkhias’,political frictions.That is their politics of dead bodies,target killings,bathakhori of billions for political mileage.Soon this criminal cursed coalition of PPP-Z,MQM,ANP will share their old bed together.SHAMELESS BRUTES,ZALIMS

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