‘Urdu only lingua franca of the country’


The Urdu language, being a source of mutual love and provincial harmony, is spoken and understood in every part of Pakistan and it is the only lingua franca of the country. These were the views of various vice-chancellors and officials from different universities visiting the National Language Authority (NLA) on Thursday. International Islamic University Islamabad Rector Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik, Karachi University Vice-Chancellor Pirzada Qasim Siddique, Dr Nizam of University of Gujrat University and Murtaza Noor, a top official of Higher Education Commission, were among the visitors, who also addressed the officers and scholars of NLA. NLA Chairman Dr Anwar Ahmed was of the view that only a continued process of the discussion and dialogue with scholarly personalities, like the visitors, would enable the state-run institutions, which would, otherwise, become “governmental islands”. He said there would be no end to the social problems until and unless the people preserved and promoted the cultural heritage through platforms, like the National Language Authority.


    • dn't underestimate our national language.u need nt get surprizd on the scope of urdu u jst need 2 broaden ur own outlook regarding urdu.

  1. I am surprised to read here that Urdu is a source of mutual love and provincial harmony. It is certainly is not. They all hate Urdu from the bottom of their heart. They use the language unwillingly simply because they need a common language to interact with each other.

    Float a proposal to make Urdu the national and official language and you will know how many out their love the Urdu language.

  2. Nasir,you have miss conception from GILGIT TO KARACHI URDU is medium of communication. more over the literature is contributed by PUNJABI, SINDHI, BALOCHI PUSHTO IN URDU.

  3. Nasir i am agree with u. If people loving Urdu then why english is the basic point of our education and our offices. Even our elit class dnt want to talk in urdu. Our president addressing nation in english. Why?

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