Why men are hit harder by divorce than women


Men often find it difficult to cope with the life changes brought on by a divorce while women tend to fare much better, a new survey has found. The survey revealed that men suffer far more in emotional terms than women — and are much more likely to let themselves go and not eat properly. In the year after divorce, 48 percent of men describe themselves as feeling ‘very lonely’, compared with just 35 percent of women. Men often bear the financial brunt of divorce, too, finding themselves supporting the family they have left behind and somehow having to finance a new roof over their own head, too. If they meet someone new, they are then faced with the prospect of supporting their new partner and any additional children. Leading divorce lawyer, Adam Witkover, said, “Women seem to cope much better emotionally with divorce. They have a wider network of friends, find it much easier to talk about their emotions than men, and although they are not always better off financially, they often use divorce as the springboard to a new career. Men, on the other hand, find it much harder to express how they feel, and are often much more bitter about the split than women. They seem to find it harder to let go of the past.”