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Serious threat to democracy from militant mindset: President

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the greatest threat to democracy emanated from a militant mindset and called for defeating militancy and extremism and advancing democratic values.
In a message on the International Democracy Day going to be held Thursday, he congratulated the democratic forces in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular on the International Day of Democracy, being observed throughout the world on September 15 under the auspices of the United Nations, saying it was a day to re-affirm commitment for democracy and democratic ideals around the world and in Pakistan.
On the occasion, he complimented all democracies of the world and also reiterated his reaffirm resolve to further strengthen democracy in Pakistan. “The people of Pakistan are resolute in safeguarding their democratic rights and moving forward on path of democracy against all odds and what the machinations against it.
“It is an attribute to the democratic genius of our people that despite setbacks to democracy our people have not allowed dictatorship to take roots in the Country,” he said.
“Our march on the road to democracy continues. During the year 2011 democracy took yet another stride forward in Pakistan when the people of tribal areas were given their democratic rights with consensus. The amendments in the FCR and Extension of the Political Parties Order 2002 has been designed to release the people of tribal areas in accordance with their wishes from the over a century old system of bondage and undemocratic dispensation”, he added.
He hoped that the observance of the International Democracy Day will lend strength to the pro-democracy forces throughout the world and discourage potential dictators from curbing the aspirations of the people through political adventurism.

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  1. Ahmad said:

    Mr. President, most respectfully you are the biggest threat to democracy. Its better you resign and make someone else the president.

  2. Muhammad Arif said:

    Mr. President, you call it democracy, while your party's mandate is less than 20% of total voters.

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