Sana urges PPP to stop criticism, support govt


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sananullah has said that the government of Punjab is taking every possible step to contain the dengue outbreak.
Interacting with journalist here on Wednesday, Sanaullah said it seems some PPP leaders have joined hands with dengue mosquitoes.
“Instead of just criticizing, they should support the provincial government in containing the deadly mosquito-borne disease,” he said.
“We are bowing to Almighty so that the virus doesn’t spread to other cities,” he added.


  1. Our governments never admit mistakes. It would be better if Punjab Government admits its gross failure and take corrective measures. The fact of the matter is that the task of preventing Dengue menace was assigned to Hamza Shahbaz by his father and he completely ignored the matter.

  2. MAY Zalims hukraman zardar,galani,rehmam malik,babar awan and all others and their children suffer from worst possible

    dengu and made to hell the way they HAVE RUined poor by bijli biils,house ,WAter TAXES,FRUIT,VEGGETABLE PRICES,MUTToN,BEED,MILK ETC.MATY THEY STARVE AND BURBN IN HEAT.ya allah punish them forEVER AND FORGIVE US FOR VOTING THEM.LET THEIR CHildren,families die of hunger,water and beG ON STREETS OF pakistan

  3. some people always spread negativism against Punjab Government. Mosquitoes can not be stopped by the government. What government can do???? Punjab govt is doing their best to control and they are also providing free treatment to patients. 3 Presidents of USA died from Mosquitoes virus, what will you say about it???
    Targeting Punjab Government is easy, Dengue is in all over Pakistan, yesterday 3 people died in KPK from Dengue. In Sindh people are suffering from Dengue, even in Islamabad people are suffered from Dengue. This is non sense that every body is criticizing Shahbaz Sharif for nothing.
    What about target killing in Karachi, and flood in Sindh??? Why sindh government is failed in stopping Flood in the province??? more than 5 million people on roads but Sinh and federal government is not doing any thing.

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