I refused to walk the ramp in bikini, says Minissha


Actress Minissha Lamba has shot down reports that she walked the ramp in a bikini in her forthcoming comedy ‘Hum Tum Shabana’, saying there was such a scene in the script but she refused to do it. “I put my foot down and didn’t wear a bikini in the film. A scene was planned likewise but I refused to do it,” Minissha, who slipped into a bikini for her role in ‘Kidnap’, said. Directed by Sagar Ballary, ‘Hum Tum Shabana’ is not a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, says the actress, adding: “The impression that you have is that it’s a story of two guys who are after a girl. It’s typical of a romantic comedy.
If you think that is all there in the film, then you have to think again.” The bikini scene notwithstanding, Minissha feels lucky to be part of the film as it is one of the rarest of comedies where the story revolves around a female character. “Most comedies don’t have much space for women. It’s a very male dominated domain and most comedies are male oriented. Shabana is the central and inevitable character in the film, which is very rare in a comedy.”