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Sindh’s cops get a pay raise

The Sindh government notified on Monday that the salaries of Sindh police have been increased following orders issued by President Asif Ali Zardari on September 8. According to the notification, the Sindh police’s salaries from Grade 5 to 9 have been increased by Rs 4,400, Grade 14 to 16 by Rs 7,300, Grade 17 to 18 by 12,800, Grade 19 to 20 by Rs 16,500 and Grade 21 to 22 by Rs 20,000. President Asif Ali Zardari during his recent visit to Karachi had expressed satisfaction over the law and order situation in Karachi and said that there is a need to encourage law enforcement agencies so that they could take action against terrorists. He had issued orders to the provincial Home Ministry to bring the salaries of Sindh police at par with their colleagues in Punjab.

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  1. observer from the UK said:

    This is not enough hike in the salaries of police officer in these days of spiralling inflation. To lift their morale the salary must be much more high and this will be an important factor to curb corruption.

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