Canadian Club to visit Pakistan soon


Pind Dadan Khan-born Canadian all-rounder Mirza Waqas Hayat said that his Canadian Club team was keen to play a series in Pakistan and soon they would visit the country. Talking to this scribe Waqas said: “I have been playing in Atwa Cricket Club in Canada where we have a team of cricketers belonging to different regions. All of them have want to visit Pakistan and play a series. They are not afraid of what is happening in Pakistan rather they are cricket lovers and I have tried my best to present good image of my country.”
He said that he was crazy about cricket and wanted to become a Canadian’s national player. “I am working hard to become good all-rounder and have a desire of playing for Canada. My Club in Canada is one of the best clubs of the country and with my all-round performance, my club earned a lot of victories which makes me and my country proud among them.


  1. ATAWA???? If you are playing for the Club in the city, Atleast get the NAME of the city right… it's OTTAWA… paindu

  2. hahahaha. you monkey. “Atwa” has a special treat for you once you get back – I’m gonna beat your “all-round” monkey ass!

  3. Okay, lets get the facts straight here;

    1) Waqas Mirza plays for a local city club called Ottawa Cricket Club which is part of OVCC (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council) which in fact is a recreational league. Here is his profile:
    2) 2011 is the first season he has played for this "recreational" club.
    3) He has only played 8 games in the B-division league specifically designated for developing cricketers.
    4) He has only played 1 game in the T20 league.
    5) He hasn't even been considered to play A-division games for his club, which is the most competitive league in OVCC. Based on 3) and 4), a batting average of 14.33 from 8 games aren't enough for any player to play in A-division, let alone Canadian National team.
    6) For the record, I love my club and its every member (except Waqas now). However, the claim of him playing for the best club in Canada is extremely far fetched. We are a recreational club at best who just play for fun. Having said that, there are some extremely talented players in our club who have the potential of playing for Canada and Waqas is too far away from being counted among them – skill and attitude wise. I am merely pointing out his narcissism. I would hate for other clubs in Ottawa, and perhaps even Canada, to get the wrong image of our club and players that Waqas has painted here.
    7) Our club, which Waqas is part of, HAS NEVER agreed to come and play a series in Pakistan. Most of us are students and the rest of us have jobs and/or families to support by means other than Cricket. We cannot afford to take a trip to Pakistan on our own let alone stay there for a full series.

    There are so many things wrong with this article. So many wrong facts presented by the person interviewed and the journalists of this news paper didn't even bother to double check the information that was given to them. So please Pakistan Today, next time someone from the streets comes to you with a fake Canadian passport, don't believe everything he tells you. And by the way, "Atwa" isn't a word. He plays for Ottawa Cricket Club. O-T-T-A-W-A. You can remember this by remembering the capital of the country, Canada.


    p.s. Vikki, you're a prime douchebag for faking an interview and then posting it all over your Facebook wall. We will all give you so much shit for this when and if you have the balls to come back and see us again.

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