“Mirza is educated illiterate” says Wassan


Sindh interior minister Manzoor Wasan lashing out calling Zulfiqar Mirza as “educated illiterate” who speaks with others tongue.
Briefly speaking to media, Wasan said that police knows everything about what happening in Karachi.
He said Zulfiqar Mirza is out of his mind and he speaks what others taught him.
Earlier, former provincial minister Zulfiqar Mirza attacked Manzoor Wasan calling him uneducated person and demanded his licenses must be cancelled.


  1. Wassan himself is an inefficient and non serious person. He does not have the courage to face the truth. Unfortunately the PPP of today is full of Zardari cronies, uneducated, inefficient and corrupt people. These people have no regard for the national security. They know only one thing that they have to keep their master "Zardari" happy under all circumstances. I am sure Zulfiqar Mirza will now be able to see the real faces of his old friends and will be able to differentiate between his friends and foes.

  2. Ek chor doo sepahi. Pakaro paidageer party co. Sub MQM k penjari main na insafee molok see gadari kee baraber hain. Sain seda hojaho aur sudro. Na paki ko dur karo. We need justice…not blood field. Show the nation for Justice … peace… love..unity…equality…welfare. pl. Don't show your gun or power. We r muslim of the world not terrorist inthe world label.sain wasan stop fighting or planning to kill inocent poor people in street.

  3. Wasan aap ko sharm karni chahay, hakomat ki khatir aab to yan battan karnay lag gay ho uska kasoor ya hay kay us nay sach kaha hay, tum Qurn sar par rakh kar ya kaha do kay mirza ghalat hay ham maan jain gay

  4. ohye wassan jago subah hogye Mamo , every sindhi will support the Dr Zulifqar mirza and he is only well educated and literate minister , Wassan think, before speaking …………

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