The Karachi issue


Arif Nizami in his recent article “Political forces, unite”(10 Sept) has once again emphasised on the political forces to wake up and unite because this is the only solution to all the crises. It’s not only the President Zardari who has voiced a word of caution but Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry has also given openly his views on the current situation and addressed politicians to mend their ways and shun their internal differences. Army has also expressed its concerns.
Judiciary as well army are all out to support democracy and do not want to derail it, but the writer is also right to conclude that major stakeholders are also not overruling the military intervention. It is true that it is not only the MQM that is responsible for the violence but majority of the parties have to share the blame equally that has resulted in the loss of billions of rupees to the industrialists.
Mirza’s outburst against MQM is nothing but a script that is being unfolded act by act. He owes many answers as Home Minister. What prevented him to remain quiet for such a long period?
We all agree not to call the army for many reasons but DG Rangers’ statement cannot be overlooked when he says that the situation in Karachi is worse than Wazirstan. To breathe in Karachi freely appears to be a far cry. Hence, there is a need for the Rangers to continue the operation indefinitely till such time the entire city is cleaned once for all of the criminal gangs.
At the same time, there is need for all the stakeholders and play cool and decide about their areas of interest, curtail violence to zero level, deweaponie the city, maintain the rule of law and above all bring culprits to justice without any discrimination.
It now depends on the political parties which course they adopt, their continued confrontation will ultimately lead to “My dear countrymen” and this time it will have the backing of judiciary. Choice is theirs.